Tolls putting people out of business on Cornwall island

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Traffic slowdowns and border tolls are stamping out business in a small Mohawk border community that sits on Cornwall Island.

Monica Sharrow knows all about it. She now does all her baking from home.

Sharrow used to run a small bakery on the island.

“It was good when I first opened,” explains Sharrow. “I had people from Cornwall. People would come over, go to the States, do shopping, stop on their way back.”

Then the customs office moved off the island and people stopped coming for her baked goods.

APTN’s Annette Francis has the story.

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2 thoughts on “Tolls putting people out of business on Cornwall island

  1. Should of asked mike Mitchell about his seaway claim his own personal law suit against the toll both ( S.I.B.C.) the toll both will never move back bcuz he is suing S.I.B.C. for big money should of asked Him about that… N for another thing every time Akwesasne subjects come up on aptn u interview them sell out chiefs and they don’t speak for us or represent us go ask the ppl and u will really know what’s really going on with the issues here…

  2. Terrible …… Always putting up obstacles in front of the Indigenous Peoples!!! There has been evidence after concrete evidence – example after example of the euro”canadian” gov. and it’s “citizens” (because they allow it, and benefit from it) playin, acting unfairly … meaning there is no equality – no playing on a level field .. It has been that way since the euro”canadians” decided to start stabbing the Indigenous Peoples in the back after all the saving and helping they did for them .. So around the mid-to-late 1700’s .. If everything was “level” – Fair .. you would see who is left behind, and that’s what they do not want! PERIOD!!!

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