Police ‘very anxious’ for DNA results on person of interest in Kelly Morrisseau murder

By Kenneth Jackson
APTN National News
Gatineau police have one suspect in mind in the unsolved murder of Kelly Morrisseau and are waiting on DNA test results to confirm if an Ottawa man accused in two other murders is their man.

Police told APTN National News Tuesday, the seventh anniversary of Morrisseau’s murder, Marc Leduc is their main focus in the brutal slaying of Morrisseau, 27, who was knifed to death Dec. 10, 2006 in Gatineau.

She was seven months pregnant at the time and is buried on Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba.

Leduc was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in February by Ottawa police in the deaths of two women – Pam Kosmack, 39, and Leanne Lawson, 23. That story was first reported by APTN and can be read here.

Detectives with Gatineau police immediately went to the family of Morrisseau at the time of Leduc’s arrest and said they were going to test his DNA to see if there was a match for DNA left on Morrisseau.

“We’re very anxious to hear about the results,” said Const. Pierre Lanthier, spokesman for Gatineau police. “Sometimes it takes a long time to receive the results.”

Leduc’s samples were sent to a Montreal crime lab two months ago.

The main investigator on the case spoke to Morrisseau’s family about two weeks ago to keep them updated on the case.

While they still receive some tips on the case police have their eyes on Leduc.

“Right now, it’s mostly about Leduc,” said Lanthier.

The former investigator on the case, Mario Lepage, is no longer with the force and the case has been assigned to another officer who was familiar with the murder.

Lanthier said the case is important to all of Gatineau police officers.

“I can tell you here in Gatineau we’re still thinking of Mrs. Morrisseau’s murder. That case touched a lot of police officers, especially those that responded to that call,” he said.

Morrisseau was stabbed more than 20 times by her killer. She was dumped on the cold pavement of a parking lot in Gatineau park near the Hull hospital.

When first responders arrived she was still alive because it was so cold out. Police said this stopped her from bleeding to death.

She died about an hour later in hospital.

Leduc has claimed to be First Nation as reported by APTN in this story.

Gatineau police said they haven’t spoke to Leduc yet, just Ottawa police.

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