Nunavut RCMP shoot and kill third man since December

For the third time since December, Nunavut RCMP have shot and killed a man while responding to a call, this time in the community of Hall Beach.

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3 thoughts on “Nunavut RCMP shoot and kill third man since December

  1. Once again the RCMP in a low populated area, where intoxication or under the influence of drugs suicidal persons are killed as a direct result of inexperienced officers. If de-escalation is not effective then employ the use of rubber bullets, beanbags, or any other means to render the suicidal person incapable of using his/her weapon. Frankly even just waiting out the heightened threat in such a remote area or using relatives, elders, religious leaders to talk to the victim would be alternative approaches and solutions rather than using immediate deadly force. It is known that recent graduates from the Depot are assigned to these remote areas, who lack skills, experience, greater ability to control one’s own emotions thus deadly force seems to be the only solution.
    It’s time the RCMP acknowledge that their deployment plan is not working, that you cannot put inexperienced officers in high risk areas where alcohol/drugs are prevalent. History has illustrated that the RCMP has a very poor interaction record in their dealings with or policing First Nation Peoples.

    1. @Judith You need to fact check before you comment, simply making up facts and throwing them online does not help anyone. I have worked in Nunavut and have been to several communities. Never once did I meet an RCMP officer that was fresh out of Depot, in fact, in talking to RCMP officers in Nunavut, they stated that fresh recruits were kept out of the communities as a result of needing members who are experienced and every member I met had worked other placed before coming North. I think the issues surrounding these shootings are likely much more complicated and involved then simply pointing the finger at the police. Wait for the final reports to come out before making any assumptions. Making assumptions is not healthy or helpful to any of these situations.

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