Play about serial killer upsets victim’s sister

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The new play “Pig Girl” is about serial killer Robert Pickton and it’s getting mixed reviews.

Those who like it say it’s educational.

But the sister of one of Pickton’s victims says it’s a disgrace.

APTN’s Keith Laboucan reports.


2 thoughts on “Play about serial killer upsets victim’s sister

  1. I agree with Lisa Its sickening to do a play about our murdered women.
    We’ve been through enough. Not only that were trying to move on. My sister was one of the missing. It’s been a living night mare. I’d feel sick playing Robert Pickton. He’s a puke….makes me sick. He’s soo evil.

  2. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I went on to help found and run a shelter for victims and when the film “The Burning Bed” was made I chose not to see it. However one night I came home and my family new husband was watching it. I could not tear myself away – and when it was over I cried for 2hours. I am SO GLAD I saw it because I realized it raised the consciousness of those who did not understand the horror of being a victim. Yes it is hard to watch, especially for the victim’s family, but we MUST NOT let the actions of a violent person be glossed over or covered up. Women deserve to have their story presented!!!#

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