Shawn Atleo


First Nations face ‘life or death’ struggle: Atleo

Saying First Nations were in a life or death struggle, Assembly of First Nations national Chief Shawn Atleo urged chiefs from across the country to back his ambitious, multi-year plan to scrap the Indian Act, the department of Aboriginal affairs and replace them with a First Nation-Crow n agreement “that advances and affirms our rights.”


Hundreds rally for education

Hundreds gathered in the shadow of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill Thursday, waving flags and placards, drumming and dancing, in one of the largest rallies this year by First Nations people who came from as far away as New Brunswick to demand federal politicians reverse the dismal quality of education on reserves.


‘Our children are not being treated fairly’

Canada desperately needs to invest in Aboriginal education to balance off its looming labour shortage and maintain key social programs like national health care into the future, says Assembly of First Nations national chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo.