Youth on Board program gives young people job opportunities with non-profit organizations

Young people in the Yukon are getting job training and career opportunities through an organization in Whitehorse thats offering a program called Youth On Board.

But these aren’t just any jobs.

The mission behind the program is to provide experiences with non-profit organizations.

Funded by the government of Canada, the program offers a 20 week job placement with a non profit organization.

Youth on Board is in its last year of a three year program and has had 56 youth connect with Volunteer Benevoles Yukon for intake into the program.

Kayla Smith Clarke, 18, is from the Kwanlin’ Dun First Nation and the Tlingit First Nation and was accepted into the Youth On Board program.

She started her placement at Nlaye Ndasadaye Daycare in June.

Before Youth On Board, she had applied to the daycare but was told she needed more experience before being hired.

“I applied to work here awhile ago, and then I was told because I wasn’t in the correct program at college that I would need to go through Youth on board to be able to work here”.

“So that’s how I was introduced to Youth On Board. I went down and I applied and I got in, and then I started working here almost a month ago.”

The Nlaye Ndasadaye daycare is one of many non profit organizations involved with the Youth On Board program.

Nlaye Ndasadaye means Two communities working together in Southern Tutchone.

Ifrah Ali is the executive director of the daycare and sees the benefits and impacts for the youth but also the organizations involved.

“It’s important for us because it gives us connections to community resourses that otherwise I would of not known of,” said Ali.

“So this program not only helps the youth but it helps us, the organization too.”

Ali said the program is a good stepping stone to give the youth experience.

“If they’re interested, if they like it then they can continue on and go on to college, get their qualifications, and we help them with that.”

Once Kayla completes her 20 week term, she wants to take a gap year and go back to school.

The time that she has spent in the program and the experience she has gained from the daycare may influence her course direction.

“I’m planning on doing more visual arts programs, but being here made me more interested in child care as well so I’m thinking child care, like a child care program.” she said.

The program is hoping to sustain more money from the government to continue its work.

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