Youth for Lake walkers face highway hostility on trek to Ottawa

A group from Manitoba going by the title, Youth for Lakes, are walking across the country.

APTN National News
A group from Manitoba going by the title, Youth for Lakes, are walking across the country.

They hope to raise awareness about corporate water pollution and the effects it may have on future generations.

The group is relying on community support along the way, but they weren’t expecting some of the racism they’ve experienced.

APTN National News reporter Shaneen Robinson met up with them on the Trans-Canada Highway, just past Kenora, Ont., and has this story.

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19 thoughts on “Youth for Lake walkers face highway hostility on trek to Ottawa

  1. I wish them much luck. Any racism, towards any people degrades everyone. I just wish some people were smart enough to recognize that!

  2. Racism towards youth???? How pathetic is your lives to stoop that low!!!!!!!! They are just kids ffs, let them make a stand up for their raising awareness. They aren’t hurting anybody, don’t hurt them!!!

  3. We are witnessing nothing less than the development of indigenous leaders that will one day come to represent all of Canada in a completely new political movement. It is happening across South America and it is bound to happen here as well. I am not sure that the established political parties have the ability to get with the program. NDP? Maybe. Greens? Maybe. or maybe something completely new.

  4. i feel so proud and grateful for all the active action being taken by First Nations youth. You are to be honored and supported as you walk for everyone and everything on this planet. You’re courage to walk the road we will be here in Ottawa to meet you stay strong and Thank you.

  5. Their strength and courage gives me hope for the future of our people, these young people will one day become strong leaders. Good luck to them.

  6. I feel we all need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Most of the issues we all face as humans will not be resolved in a month. We as a species have to educate the ignorant and empower the survival instinct in every one of us.Our planet will not be saved in a day , a week or a month or even a generation. Change comes from small deeds done by all until they become the norm. My legacy to my son I hope to be to leave a legacy to his children and to theirs. We are all part of a living breathing dying and reproducing system set up eons ago for our own good. Small deeds produce big results when incorporated by community!

  7. I also am not Native but I feel such pride and respect for the FN peoples for standing up to Harper and the oil and mining industries. I am a friend, supporter and ally who is delivering talks and writing articles in Calgary in my capacity as a human rights/civil liberties research lawyer. The federal government, in attacking FN rights and changing laws to strip environmental oversight of resource extraction in the North and to make building pipelines to the west coast easier is violating the Constitution, which is the highest law of the land. Hiy, hiy, from the bottom of my heart!

  8. the white hicks of kenora have no education at all most never graduate hgh school ,so you know where they are coming from …the fact that you kids are trying to protect their well being is over their heads.
    if they would stay out of bed with their cousins n siblings they might try going to school and realize what is happening to all nations on this planet and first nations kids are trying to bring this information to the countries of the world,

    1. Come now…we don’t need to start using ugly stereotypes. It’s not being any better than those who were being racist.

    2. Try not to be like them. Hate cannot dispel hate. Be positive in your comments and good things will follow.

  9. Good luck kids! Don’t let the racist pigs bother you! You are above them! They apparently don’t want their grandchildren to have clean drinking water!

  10. I am also not Native, I am also very very proud of the First Nations for standing up to protect this Planet. This is so shameful, racism at any time is bad but to not support these youth in their Quest is deplorable. These people are asleep, they have no concept of reality and are weak in their minds, so weak that they follow like sheep the lies that are being told by the Government.. WAKE UP be proud of the First Nations that they are taking the lead, bringing awareness to our Planets cries..

    1. one thing that I will iterate is that when one makes someone out to be the bad person or people throughout history are we that bad when without clean air without clean water without healthy fertile soil when there is nothing for your children your grandchildren to enjoy ……are we still going to be the bad Indians that the government personifies us to be….that’s not my point you have IDLENOMORE movements across the Country but yet what we the First Nations see is the BI-LATERAL acceptance from the white population that this is an indian thing but in fact you have the same right as an indian to support anything at free will if you disagree with it and that is the challenge that faces the white population as the First Nations faces the fight with the government on the highlighted topic of protecting this beautiful Country we call home,…..Thank you

  11. I am not a Native, but I am so proud of the First Nations for standing up for The Earth. They truly our our best hope for all of our futures.

    1. awesome then your heart is were home is we have never ever in the 150 years since the signing of the treaties did we say we owned the land but we are the last defense to protect mother earth while she gets raped by the same government that spew inaccurate facts about the First Nations and basically are in a collusive relationship with the Media across Canada when it comes to dealing with First Nations my grandfather told me that ignorance comes in one colour and he may be right but for my white brothers and sisters that see the atrocities being done to our Country and support First Nations on their stand against the government thumbs up!

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