Woman who shot arrest video at Saskatoon grocery store says she would have ‘fought the exact same way’

Starla Fiddler was making a trip to her neighbourhood FreshCo grocery story with her partner on Wednesday.

When they arrived they noticed a woman who appeared to be struggling and held inside a vehicle against her will.

“It was a quarter to four I believe, when I got out of my car I heard a bunch of screaming, yelling and when I came around to the front I first saw a woman inside of the vehicle and there was a man on top of her,” she told APTN News.

“She was screaming for help I had no idea what was going on the man was in regular street clothes so I assumed it was an assault taking place,” says Fiddler.

Her partner called 911 and Fiddler started recording what was taking place.

It turns out the man was a security guard for the store.

“We called the police and when we got a bit closer the woman was screaming for help and the man was screaming if anyone intervenes they will be receiving an assault charge,” says Fiddler

She didn’t know how to help besides record what was taking place.

“With so many murdered Indigenous women that was my first thought was to think that and as an Indigenous woman myself I do know if someone came up behind me or anything I would have fought the exact same way that she was fighting,” she said.

“He had on no uniform.”

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FSIN calls for Sask. security guard to be fired and charged after video goes public 

Police showed up and the woman was charged with assaulting the security guard and theft under $5,000.

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron says the security guard should also be charged with assault.

“This sorry excuse of a whatever his name is, if he had done that to a non First Nations women it probably would have been less of an incident,” he said.

The owner of the Freshco released a statement yesterday stating he is no longer using the security company at his store.

APTN asked the police about potential charges against the security guard.

“We do not have any updates at this time,” said an emailed statement. “I can add that if we need to seek an opinion from the Crown following the investigation, we will.”

According to the owner of the FreshCo, he has severed ties with the security company.

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