Witness to Humboldt Broncos crash arranges honour song for team

Kelsey Fiddler still remembers the crash a year ago that took the lives of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos.

“We were coming from Melfort that day and I saw the traffic and a Charlies charter coming from Tisdale but I didn’t pay too much attention,” Fiddler told APTN News. “I stopped at the corner there I was waiting for traffic to pass – all of a sudden I see a semi coming towards us.

“It just happened so fast.”

Fiddler is a member of the Red Earth First Nation Saskatchewan.

She was a key witness to the crash.

She was pregnant at the time.

Her daughter Logan who is now 10 months old.

She was named after one of the players killed in the crash – Logan Boulet.

She wanted to name her girl after Boulet because he signed an organ donor card – and because because of him, the lives of six people were saved.

“I thought it be a good idea to name her after a hockey player who donated 6 organs ya we wanted to give that honour to him,” she said.

Fiddler contacted his parents to ask for permission to name her daughter after their son.

Fiddler wanted to mark the one year anniversary of the crash with some of her own culture at the oasis community centre  in Nipawin.

She arranged for an honour song to be held so that everyone involved could heal from the tragedy, herself included.

“For everyone to heal and to show our support to the Bronco families and the community of Humboldt and to show that we all care and that we are here for them and that we continue to pray for them,” she said.

She asked Bradley Ironstar to sing an honour song.

“This is our way the creator gave us all different cultures and traditions,” said Ironstar. “This is just our way of healing and overcoming and be able to be happy and deal with any issues or problems. ”

It took at least a month for Fiddler and her family to return to the intersection where the crash took place.

Not an easy place to avoid since they live nearby.


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