Winnipeg scrambles to deal with racist label

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An article by national magazine Macleans forced a hastily called news conference in Winnipeg.

The MacLean’s article claims that the Manitoba capital is the most racist city in Canada.

But as Dennis Ward tells us, it’s more than just a Winnipeg problem.




Host, Producer / Winnipeg

Dennis is Métis from southern Manitoba. After spending a decade working in TV in Alberta and Ontario, Dennis returned to Manitoba to join APTN’s Winnipeg bureau as a reporter/correspondent in September 2014. In 2016, he won a Canadian Association of Journalists award for his story A Soldier Scorned for APTN Investigates. In 2017, he became a host/producer for APTN National News and Face to Face. In 2020, Dennis and co host Melissa Ridgen were nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best News Anchor, National.

1 thought on “Winnipeg scrambles to deal with racist label

  1. Lets have a discussion, starting with whites… In the early 70s a high school teacher directed a blatant racist, bigoted comment at me i was only one of two first nations students in the classroom, the racism has never stopped. after 41 years one gets quite skilled in this debate of offering a different view to a obvious or sometimes a willful Denial of facts. Racism has been here since the Europeans established roots on our shores. sadly now You also here East Indians, And Chinese Canadians echo the same narrow minded attitudes. I believe Canada is not the most terrible country it can be great though. I have also traveled around the world extensively

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