Winnipeg police reviewing gripping video of confrontation with Cree woman and child services

Winnipeg police are reviewing their officers’ conduct in an online video that captured the raw emotion of a Cree woman after child care workers arrived at her home to seize her children.

EDITOR’S NOTE: APTN National News has edited this video posted to our Facebook site on November 2. The new version removes the names of the children to protect their identity and has been posted to APTN’s Facebook and at All other aspects of the video remain intact. APTN National News will continue to follow this story.

APTN National News
The Winnipeg police is reviewing an online video that captured the raw emotion of a Cree woman after child care workers arrived at her home to seize her children.

The video uploaded onto APTN National News Facebook page shows the woman, who can’t be named because child services is involved, twice being confronted by Winnipeg police officers while recording them.

The video has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook and has nearly 4,000 hits on YouTube.

The woman told APTN National News that police handcuffed her and put her briefly into a police cruiser before releasing her without charges.

A spokesperson for the Winnipeg police said the “matter was being reviewed.” The spokesperson said the woman can contact the police’s Law Enforcement Review Agency “if she feels police members acted improperly.”

The nearly four minute long video begins in her home with an officer at the door. They say they are there for her children.

“This has gone on too long with these people taking our children because of … their ignorance. It’s pretty ignorant that I have to be treated like this,” the mother says.

She then gets a telephone call and says the police are there to take the children but says to the caller the children aren’t home.

The police then ask for the children by name and that they are there to “apprehend” them.

Police said they explained to the woman what’s going on.

Two more officers appear and one seen clearly on the video approaches the woman and appears to reach for the camera and asks her to move to the side and tells her to stay calm.

There appears to be a bit of a struggle as he tries to move the woman for unknown reasons.

“Don’t fight,” the officer says.

“I’m not fighting I’m going next door,” the woman yells. “I’m going next door. I’m not fighting.”

“Enough. Enough,” the unidentified officer says.

“No,” she says.

“Enough,” the officer replies.

“Let go of me,” she screams.

“She hasn’t done anything. Let her go,” another woman says.

The woman then walks over to an SUV parked next to the police cruisers and asks a child services worker in the driver seat repeatedly why police are doing this.

“You know I take care of my children. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. What’s your problem?” the woman asks. “What is it? What is it?

“You can explain it to the judge,” the child care worker replies.

“You can explain to all First Nations that you are stealing children,” the woman says.

Then the woman is approached by a male officer who isn’t seen. A struggle ensues.

The officer tells her to put her hands on the car and the demands she put them behind her back while the woman screams she didn’t do anything.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she says and the video ends.

The woman, who says she is a traditional healer, told APTN National News the moment police put their hands on her she felt and understood the pain of residential school survivors who had come to her for healing.

“I felt it in my heart all in one shot,” she said. “I felt it personally….I never thought this would still be happening.”

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28 thoughts on “Winnipeg police reviewing gripping video of confrontation with Cree woman and child services

  1. Child Services does not live in their home. How do they know what is going on in their home? Doesn’t the woman has the right to know beforehand?
    a few seconds ago ·

  2. Abductions MUST STOP!
    The Only Way Is Actions! Unity!

  3. I agree that protecting women and children is of paramount importance. I agree that, if there was abuse, the children needed to be taken out of that situation. If there was
    abuse, however, an investigation needs to look at all the root causes of that abuse. If there was abuse, I’m willing to bet it’s rooted in Canada’s Indian Residential School System. It’s called the Intergenerational Legacy, and is the direct result of Canada’s genocidal approach to Indigenous peoples, which continues to this very day. The Intergenerational Legacy is alive and well, and continues to claim more Indigenous lives. The Canada-AFN propaganda machine spent millions trying to convince us “the healing continues” with their residential school settlement but here we see it doesn’t. The AHF, which was supposed to support community-based healing, dropped the ball on the healing movement. As a result, Survivors and their families have been left out in the cold and on their own. This will only end when Indigenous people get together, say enough is enough, and come up with an effective strategy. It has to be a grassroots movement this time: not one taken over and dictated by politicians and lawyers…

  4. Aboriginal cfs services are sick when are the ever going too start working with families instead against parents top it off y do they have the rights to close the parents file when only they keep the babies file open?

  5. The police had no warrants or paper workforce them to take her children and therefor didn’t even have the right to be in her home cause she clearly didn’t invite them in. If a patent refuses to allow police or child and family to search her home for the kids they should have to posses a warrant. Not only that she had asked the police a legal question and they attack her Not very proffesional if u ask me I know from experience myself on different occasions police abused there power and I’m sure it’s happened to others as well. An how many times have u seen a police cruiser turn there lights on and blow a light. To many police are corrupt themselves and this video proves that these officers should lose there jobs

  6. this is just bad the worker and the cops should be fired from there jobs we all need to help this girl asap

  7. I just can’t seem to get over the issue when child services or any service agency sends police to do their job for them. What ever happened to conversation, understanding, and compassion when these individuals are put into a situation like this. People tend to rely on police to do everything these days and it only makes it worse for everyone! Communication goes a long way…….but then again people always think police make things better and it is the easiest way out.

  8. I am so bothered by the video that I watched yesterday of our children being taking away from their home…you would think after all these years of ripping our children away that they would have devised a better plan in this..even if this lasts 30 minutes can you imagine the damage that is done to the how can child protective services say that they are for the children when they put them thru this traumatizing experience…this is almost no different from the old days when the white people came into the reserves and grabbed our children….I realized that sometimes children need rescuing but this cannot be the way to do it…our children are people too and have feelings

  9. … and that’s when the warriors of the community come in and rescue her and her children from being kidnapped by the wasichu police. Right? Right?!? Where’s the warriors?! it’s time to take a stand against their aggression. They have been doing this for over 150 years now. Article 2 section E of the United Nations Definition of the Crime of Genocide states clearly:

    “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

    Time to take a stand. Not through prepresentative organizations but by being active in our communities to protect against these predators of our children and families.

  10. The thing people need to look at is if there was abuse happening in the home and if so, the children need to be looked after and away from the abuse. I agree CFSA should be trained to be more sympathetic and should diffuse the situation if the parent(s) are upset by just being polite and indicating their intentions that kids are being removed for their safety and well-being. I know all of us who are parents make mistakes but the point is that if abuse is something that keeps recurring, the parent(s) need to remedy their problem before getting the kids back, if possible. As for the police, it is their mandate to protect society and they had to remove the woman in question to lessen any problems that could have risen.

  11. If a cfs worker does not like you or your family i think they abuse their power. Every time i post this issue on our community page i get reported or someone reports abuse to facebook. There are a lot of people taking jobs within this field not for the sake of the children but for a good paying job that goes to their heads. Our people has always said “History repeats itself”. This time it is us who are hurting our own.

  12. That’s the most awful thing to see and hear….that CFS worker obviously has a chip on her shoulder and she doesn’t know how to do her job properly. And the police officers also need some input on how to conduct themselves…I think she should be bringing assault charges against them. Some peoples jobs go straight to their heads and that looks like that may be what’s going on there. That worker needs to give her head a shake!! Shame on her!!

  13. my heart feels so heavy after this video 🙁 ive been there i fought for two years before i finnaly got my kids back and what happened was the foster mom had started having attachment issues and the worker had began to help her to have my children .. i felt i had no chance my faith was dissapearing and i picked myself up and fought with all i had every idea never passed me i fought i have them back but now i had to move to the reserve in order to get them and now im back in saskatoon i am a full time student and i work after school and now they are trying to get back in my life with all they have they have gone to my daughters school asking her questions about me came here threatening me and phoning me and what not so i sent my daughter to stay with with my cusin and they went right to her house demanded a talk with my daughter and did cpics on my cusin they tried to get my cusin to say bad things about me but she wouldnt cusin said they are trying to make a case if either of them said anything they would have had one.. i dont know why they are harrassing me i dont know why they hate me im scared to death ..all i have is prayers and my faith and god i love my kids with all my heart i really do sorry you have to go through this to its hell.. ill pray for you <3 i am also a cree woman..

  14. So sad. Why isn’t she being told why her kids are being apprehended? What is the big secret? Here’s a thought…give the woman adequate support to keep her kids at home. Why take them into care? It’s way more expensive to have them in care. How traumatizing for the kids to be apprehended in this fashion.

    1. Because they want to rape them.

      Almost 800,000 children get taken each year.

      I find it really interesting that we as a society, global or otherwise, think that we are elevated above what was transpiring in past civilizations.
      There really were royal families who would kill and eat humans. The adrenalin is a drug — i mean the adrenalin that they ingest from the victim.

      People forget about black magic, and sexual magic, the self “chosen” have been part of that for centuries if not millennia. And children in the past have been used for these rituals. You can find stories of ritual murders all throughout the world. Europe had it happen a lot, even some Catholic Saints are children who were killed this way.

      Most crimes go unsolved, it is only a relatively small percentage that is ever solved.

  15. This has just got to stop! Just because a child services worker tells police to apprehend the children does not make it right. There has to be some review process in place beforehand. And to state that she (the mother) “You can explain it to the judge,” as the child care worker replies without explaining as to why is totally unacceptable.

  16. The mother had the right to know why her children were being apprehended.It shouldn’t be hidden away from her and use of force wasn’t necessary because she wasn’t resisting…It’s not right!!!

  17. Hey my Cree sister I hear n feel heavy hearted for u n ur children the system [government] sure like to control first nation does I ever end? First residential school then when they got u all broken let u out to live by what they put u through! N then to have the adausity to try n tell us to raise our children n grandchildren the way they think is morally correct? By the way which is to beat the shit out of them abuse them physically n mentally n sexually force feed n to this we r forced to live this way? Well I for nor am a survivor of all this but didn’t go to residential school! But I raised my children n my grand kids in the ways I thought n now know we’re the right way I pray some thing comes out of this this is unethical to do glad u got it on cam God bless all who r going thru this crap! Jesus loves all children

    1. Its the followers of “Jesus” who are doing this. They are also responsible for the “Residential Schools”! Do you not know what is going on and you are “Cree”? When are we going to get what is going on and what has happened?

      1. Give me a break.

        There may be some sick followers of Jesus doing this, but you better read your Old Testament — as there is only one Religion that still practices that supremacist, elitist bullshit.

        And their “country” was “ordained” by G-d for them to drive and suppress the “pagans”/”heathens” from the land – It’s less than 70 years old and smack dab in the heart of the Middle East.

        The self “chosen” ones have been murdering from the beginning, just as Christ makes perfectly clear. You better start ‘google-ing’ the Talmud, and what it claims it gives these self “chosen” the right to do to the rest of us.

        It allows for slavery, both physical and sexual.
        It allows them to own another human being.
        Passages make claim to the “goyim” being nothing more than animals, and the self “chosen” can do what they will with us.

        There “holy” book also claims that children can be used for sexual perversions, even infants.

        They happen to inbreed with the “Royal” blue bloods in every country. (The Royal Bloodlines have been in-breeders for centuries — one of the reason the common European has always looked down upon incestual relationships – most of the mental disorders come from these people in history.)

        They own the Central Banking system, they own the Media (Joel Stein of the LA Times boasts of it, as other “journalists” have done through the decades) Most of the “Fortune 500” companies are owned by them, Wall Street….. 2% of the population and their hands are in everything.

        I’m just saying….. “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”

      2. Not all followers of God support the destruction of families and traditional ways. I was born in Canada I may be white but I respect the ways of the First Nations peoples very much. Treaties have been broken time and time again by the power hungry nationalists and it is wrong to take children from their mothers when they are being raised in nurturing households. Please don’t generalize and blame followers of God, as these children are certainly not being taken in the Name of Jesus. They are being taken in the name of power, attempting to make the family submit as clearly she was speaking her mind and proud of her ways. CFS should support the family, not destroy it!!

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