Winnipeg financial firm facing federal probe over ‘potential inappropriate payments’ to First Nation

2 thoughts on “Winnipeg financial firm facing federal probe over ‘potential inappropriate payments’ to First Nation

  1. What a mish mash. He said, she said, they say!.. Any TREATY signed after 1763 Royal Proclamation is not allowed to infringe on any part of that Treaty and “TRUST FUND”!!!
    Funny how INAC is able to pull out the “an Indian can only sell through THE CROWN ploy” when it suits them. The TRUST is real my brothers and sisters and I do speak from knowledge. From jails to our children, the law we follow has been broken. We have no obligation to THE CANADA nor IT to us. The CANADA is a parasite sucking the substance from our food. To comprehend what I am saying fully, it would take at least 2 days to explain it all. I have been to some of our communities already and they see what the truth really is and are now standing with real ammunition.

  2. Mr. Barrera chose to omit substantial portions of my statement demonstrating that his only source at INAC was unable to substantiate any of his claims about me or our company and casting serious doubt on his impartiality and the fairness, completeness and accuracy of his reporting.

    Here is the full statement:

    Dear Mr. Barrera,

    The following is our comment in response to your request.

    On May 25, 2017, you emailed me claiming, “USAND is part of a financial review launched of Peguis First Nation.” You claimed “this is the second probe by INAC of your firm, according to the department.” You asked if I was willing to comment.

    Later that day, you emailed me a document you claimed was from INAC and a sentence you claimed was the “full statement” from INAC purportedly confirming your claim that “USAND is under a separate financial probe.” You did not identify who gave you this statement or when. The statement reads, “The investigation regarding allegations from various First Nations elected officials related to the Usand Group is still ongoing. No further information is available at this time.”

    Multiple requests for basic information that would enable us to verify with INAC that your claims were accurate, or this statement was given, were denied, quite rudely, by your lawyers. It was only after it was pointed out how unfair this was and violated basic journalistic standards and ethics that, reluctantly, we were advised of the INAC source of your claims, Valerie Heche, in the communications department.

    Ms. Heche, your only source, confirms that she gave you this statement but she was unable to confirm your claims. She does not know anything personally about audit or investigations work and she said that her primary function is simply to field inquiries for media and direct them to the relevant department.

    It is troubling that you would take Ms. Heche’s one line statement and warp it into claims that she, your only INAC source, was unable to verify.

    As far as I am aware, The Usand Group is not under investigation by INAC. I am not aware of any basis that INAC would have to investigate The Usand Group. Neither I nor The Usand Group have been contacted by INAC in respect of an investigation or any complaints regarding me or The Usand Group.

    We are proud of the work that The Usand Group has done in First Nations communities across Canada. We are especially proud that, working together with PFN, we succeeded in moving multiple economic and social development programs forward that have had a direct and positive impact on the community.

    The Usand Group and I have commenced litigation against you, the APTN and others in respect of previous articles published about us containing statements and other claims which we allege are defamatory and malicious.

    In the event you choose to publish another article in relation to these matters, you must disclose this litigation. You must also publish the full contents of this statement. This is to ensure that readers (or viewers) have a fair opportunity to judge your impartiality.

    Finally, I understand that you contacted one of our junior employees after hours by phone and treated her in a rude and harassing manner. Going forward, I must insist that all inquiries relating to me or The Usand Group be directed to our COO, Erinn Mah, or our lawyers. There is absolutely no justification for you to treat our hard working staff like that.

    Sean McCoshen

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