‘We couldn’t even hunt this year’: Problems at Unist’ot’en village surface after arrest

Lee Wilson
The arrest of a 29-year old opponent of a pipeline being built across northern British Columbia has uncovered problems with an agreement with the residents of the Unist’ot’en village, and pipeline builder Coastal Gas Link.

The villagers say the arrest violates an agreement in place between the Wet’suwet’en and CGL.

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Video Journalist / Kitimat Village, B.C.

Lee is a video journalist with APTN News, who shoots, reports and edits stories out of northern British Columbia. As a member of the Haisla Nation, Lee is proud to call Kitimat Village home again after living on Vancouver Island for 18 years. He has a passion for storytelling and looks forward to sharing stories through the lens of First Nations people.

2 thoughts on “‘We couldn’t even hunt this year’: Problems at Unist’ot’en village surface after arrest

  1. Stealing land and attempting to use the RCMP thugs to threaten the people.
    Arresting people without cause and intimidating First Nations people by holding them prisoners on the land belonging to First Nations people.
    I am sickened that this never ends.
    We should clog the courts with our broken treaties.
    Appeal to the Queen for proper recognition.
    As well continue to attack the system that ignores our plight.
    Reach out once more to the Human Rights Commission and all other tribunals to embarrass Canada on the world stage for its ignorant and rasict attitudes towards us First Nations people.

  2. stop using the word “protestor” aptn!! like come on – use land defender not the language that criminalizes those that are working within their legal perimeters unlike CGL and the cops they’ve hired

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