Watch Live: Winnipeg court to hear Indian day school settlement case

It’s the first day of a hearing to settle the Indian day school class-action lawsuit.

The matter will be heard in federal court in Winnipeg.

A judge will listen to three days of arguments, a schedule shows.

Here is the schedule:

May 13

9:30 am  – Opening Remarks by the Court

9:45 am – Overview of Settlement Agreement by Class Counsel

10:15 am – Submissions from Canada in support of the Settlement Agreement

10:30 am – Submissions by Supporters of the Settlement Agreement

12:00 pm – BREAK

1 pm – 4pm – Submissions by Objectors (by Counsel)

May 14

9:30 am – Submissions by Objectors (Individuals)

1:00 pm – Break

2:00 pm – Continued Submissions by Objectors (Individuals)

May 15

9:30am – Response to Objectors by Class Counsel

11:30am – Response to Objectors by Canada

1:00 pm – BREAK

2:00 pm – Fee Approval Motion

The civil suit was filed against the federal government by two First Nations men from Manitoba, seeking compensation for emotional pain, physical suffering and loss of culture and language.

They say they experienced the same abuse and deprivation as Indian residential school students, who were taken from their homes and forced to live at the government-funded schools run by religious organizations.

The only difference being day school students were allowed to return home after school and weekends.

There are an estimated 120,000 to 150,000 living day school survivors in Canada.

Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett wants to settle the case out of court.

She is offering former students compensation of between $10,000 and $200,000.

And money to establish a healing program.

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  1. I am a indian day school student and i believe we have suffered long enough and abused in alll types if abuse including our language and culture and thays the missing link to healing. How about fair and equal maximum compensation to each of us. And remember our children are also affected.

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