Watch LIVE: Federal government challenges First Nations child welfare compensation order


The federal court’s judicial review of a ruling from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is scheduled for November 25 and 26 in Ottawa.

The hearings start at 9:30 a.m. ET.

The federal government is asking the court to set aside a ruling from the Tribunal that would see Canada pay $40,000 in compensation to First Nations children who were taken from their families for reasons other than emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Parents or guardians of children may also be eligible for compensation.

APTN News will be broadcasting the hearings live on both days.

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3 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: Federal government challenges First Nations child welfare compensation order

  1. It should be in the Best Interest of ALLLL!.
    this bothers me how “CANADA” the supposed “Home & Native land” anthem pops in my mind. But CANADA seems to fail to take notice that Indigenous people should be treated 1000x’s more better then what WE are treated Now.. Everyday I deal with B.s because I am First Nations….Allow us to be proud of who we are….enough of this taking & taking away.. don’t be mad at our ancestors because your early ons had to humble themselves and learn off the First Nations.

  2. Take this money and build a Canadian Indigenous National Treatment Center. I would recommend in Saskatchewan or Central Alberta. This treatment center would include Trauma Counselling, individual counselling, interactive classes/workshops, healthy meals/onsite cafeteria, trained medical staff on premises, A crisis intervention team, onsite aftercare housing (cottages where up to four can stay in semi-independence living. Finally a start-up fund for any individual who has completed the program and is ready to live on their own. Giving out Money is a temporary elation that can’t erase the problems and coping skills from the past. “Our future relies, on OUR Recovery”

  3. straight talk
    Prime Minister Trudeau, why do you sign and say you will honor the Declaration for Indigenous people, then you take our children to court. You must stop living off the backs of FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE IN CANADA. We still have a bunch of lies being given to us by bureaucrats in government, this is 2019 and you government have not moved out of 1860. Give our children a chance to be kids and then move on in there grades with proper funding, like every other immigrant children in Canada. post secondary needs funding, Health has to be funded properly. You in high places need to learn the TREATIES. That’s REALITY.

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