Wapekeka child texted her friend ‘goodbye’ and then was gone

Wapekeka girl who died by suicide had therapy stopped early says official.

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11 thoughts on “Wapekeka child texted her friend ‘goodbye’ and then was gone

  1. My heart breaks to hear that such a young child has taken her life. She was abandoned at a crucial time of her life. I certainly would look deep into (Tikinagan) who allowed this child to make such a decision. This organization went against a qualified psychiatrists advice. Who carries the blame now, a child’s death is on the hands of those who allowed her to leave the care she was getting. Those workers get the education but forget to put their hearts into their field of work. Been there, seen it firsthand.

  2. Welcome to Tikinagan Child & Family Services. Founded by our Chiefs and Elders, we live and work in 30 First Nations in Northwestern Ontario. In partnership with these communities, our role is to mentor young parents, support families and protect children.

    Our work is guided by the Tikinagan service model:


    In Ojibway/Oji-Cree, this means “Everyone working together to raise our children.”

    OK so it appears settlers didn’t do a good job and this seems to be no better. What are the answers?

  3. Heartbreaking. I will write my MP about prioritizing care in these smaller communities. The government is paying a lot of lip service to improving resources but we are not seeing action.

  4. so much talk but then so much lack of commitment to bring these issue together…Life begins at home….so does tragic circumstance..Traditional ways seems to be the new agenda…yet it is talked about but not put into place, This girl was 6 when her father died….she fell through the cracks then….she was 12…what happened to those yrs in between…as with her friends….building a new building will not prevent the issues….many elders need to stand up and new rules of safety and seclusion for the young people to heal from what is going on……there needs to be balance restored and pick yourself up as people….otherwise things will not change…

  5. Tikinagan is a horrible organization run by greedy liars who make false allegations and an organization that puts funding on top of their priorities. They instutionalize teenagers they mistreat children and they pick on parents who love their kids.

  6. Don,t know why they let the girl decide that she was better to go home! Why doesn’t the community have a healing center ? Maybe a teaching them the old ways like dancing, crafts, healing circle with all youth.Children are the future, we need to step up and give help. My heart goes out to the families.

  7. This issue is very hard to talk about considering I have a 9 year old daughter in foster care. I have asked sagkeeng child and family services what I have to do and am waiting for an answer. Last time I was in court I was laughed at by them and was accused of selling guns at minopimatazowin which is on the reserve.

  8. Sad…statement..fell through the cracks…government of canada has to step up…too many children have died due to lack of funds..resources…schools must do more…community must demand more…programs that will help youth…parents, grandparents must become more involved with raising of thier children…land based, cultural identity n pride in being Inninew must be taught to our young.

    1. Tikinagan is a horrible organization they are in it for their funding a top priority

    2. Yes it takes a whole community to raise a child elder to take care of and a child to take care of the elder

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