‘Wake up’ key message in letter from Calgary camp to province of Saskatchewan


The Mohkinstsis Camp in Downtown Calgary wrote an open letter to the Saskatchewan government regarding its actions toward the camp in Regina, telling the province to “wake up” and take the time to learn from Indigenous people.

The Justice for our Stolen Children camp occupied Wascana Centre, outside the Saskatchewan legislature for nearly 200 days.

It was taken down September 12 following a court decision to have the camp dismantled.

Meanwhile, in Calgary, the camp remains standing and is receiving full support from the city.

“We’re here to say,” said Garrett Smith, founder of Mohkinstsis, “Calgary and the province of Alberta can be proud with how they’ve been dealing with us so far.”

Mohkinstsis is the Blackfoot name for Calgary.

Despite by-laws, there hasn’t been any push back.

The fire department even donated a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors for the teepees.

It’s the kind of support Smith says he wishes the Regina camp received.

“We’re here in another province, hundreds of kilometers away, but we feel them gone,” Smith said adding the two camps were connected and inspired each other.

“They’re a reason why we decided to re-raise and name Mohkinstsis.”

Smith says before Mohkinstsis there was no Indigenous presence downtown, no way for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to connect.


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