Video shows RCMP arrest of Athabasca Chipewyan chief

12 minute video shows argument and eventual arrest of Adam.


A screen shot from a RCMP dashcam video showing the moment just before Chief Allan Adam is tackled.

The dash-cam video from an RCMP vehicle obtained by APTN News and several other media outlets shows the Mar. 10 arrest of Athabasca Chipewyan Chief Allan Adam.

The nearly 12 minute video starts with a discussion between Adam and an officer who is inside his vehicle.

“Tell your sergeant, what the f— is her name… I’m tired of being harassed by the RCMP,” Adam can be heard saying.

The officer replies, “sir just return to your vehicle and I’ll come and talk to you in a minute.”

“Ok, just f—ing leave us alone,” Adam said.

On June 5, Adam reported that he had been roughed up by the RCMP and that his wife was manhandled.

He should photos of his bloodied and bruised face.

RCMP said that the dash-cam video wouldn’t be released to the media.

In the video, Adam walks back to the RCMP and exchanges words once again with the officer and is directed to go back to his vehicle.

“You and I are going to have a f—ing problem right here and right now,” said Adam.

The RCMP cruiser is parked behind Adam’s truck with its emergency lights on in the parking lot.

What seems to escalate the situation is when the officer tries to grab the arm of a woman who was inside the truck with Adam.

Words are spoken between the officer, who is standing on one side of the truck, and Adam who has moved to the passenger side.

About seven minutes into the video sirens can be heard approaching.

The officer tries to grab the arm of one of the women – Adam then comes out of the truck to confront the officer.

Eventually, the woman driving the truck attempts to leave and is stopped by the officer.

That’s when Adam jumps from the truck and walks to the back where the officer tries to grab his arm.

From there, another officer runs into the shot and tackles Adam to the ground.

It appears that Adam is pinned faced down during the struggle.

The officer appears to strike Adam with his right hand during the arrest.

It takes nearly three minutes to get Adam in handcuffs and up off the ground.

The chief’s face is bloodied as they lead him to the RCMP vehicle.

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