U.S. authorities used evidence from pipeline company for federal indictment against #NoDAPL activists

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6 thoughts on “U.S. authorities used evidence from pipeline company for federal indictment against #NoDAPL activists

  1. Why was my prior comment refused?? I got this notice….You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. It was my first attempt to leave a comment. Are you blocking all comments that support these Water Protectors against the law enforcement agencies that are liars??

    1. Hi Susan, I’m not sure why it was blocked. Did you use a link or anything like that in your comment?

  2. So suck of the way the water protectors have been treated by law enforcement. The only time you hear any thing from the media its against them and pro trump. Let them be and stop pipeline now

  3. Thanks for providing more information than can be found in the American media. Judging by the lack of fairness and the collusion at every level of government there is no way I can believe that the indigenous population will ever get a fair hearing in the North Dakota il-legal system. I encourage you to do some serious, objective investigative journalism and publish the results far and wide. As a Vietnam veteran, I took my oath to protect America against all enemies both foreign and “domestic” seriously. That common thread is what caused thousands of veterans to become galvanized into action and make the journey to Standing Rock to make their belief in fairness known to one and all.

  4. This was a result of the violence and actions taken by my government and on that day I gave up on this elected government. The constitutional and human rights violations by Morton County, DAPL and our National Guard is beyond a disgrace. The world watch you shoot people in prayer. Only out of respect for that prayer. you have been met without violence. I am a 58 year old grand mother and I could no more stand there and watch this abuse by our government without uncontrolled rage. You have changed our world forever. My flag is upside down.

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