Trudeau side steps blame for appointing Payette as governor general

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed the vetting process and refused to accept responsibility for the appointment of Julie Payette as the Governor General of Canada.

Trudeau accepted Payette’s resignation Thursday during an in person meeting. Payette has left the office in disgrace after a scathing report was reported highlighting volatile working conditions for employees at Rideau Hall.

In the interim, Canada’s chief justice of the Supreme Court, Richard Wagner, has been given Payette’s duties.

Trudeau informed Queen Elizabeth of the change on a phone call Friday morning.

When asked if he owes an apology to Rideau Hall employees and to all Canadian’s, the prime minister simply stated that he promotes workplaces that are free and safe from harassment and he thanked those employees for their work during “difficult situations.”

The leader of the opposition is calling for Trudeau to reinstate the non-partisan vice regal appointments committee and consult opposition parties to avoid such mistakes in the future.

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