Transition back to main camp for those arrested at Standing Rock hasn’t been easy

Some protestors arrested in North Dakota having trouble transitioning back to main camp.

Tamara Pimentel
APTN National News
On Thursday, nearly 150 water protectors were arrested by local and State police at a barricade in North Dakota near a pipeline construction site.

They were taken to the Morton County jail in Bismark for processing.

Most of them have been charged with various offence and released.

They’re settling back into life at the main camp – but for some, the transition hasn’t been easy.

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Tamara is Métis from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She received a diploma in interactive media arts at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon and has worked as a videographer for CBC in Winnipeg and Iqaluit. Tamara was hired by APTN in 2016 as a camera/editor and is now a video journalist in our Calgary bureau.

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