Trade mission to Japan didn’t go as planned say artists

A group of artists in Saskatchewan say a trade mission to Japan didn’t go as promised.

The trip took place in July.

They were promised an opportunity of a lifetime.

The organizer of the event said everything was fine.

But the artists disagree.

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1 thought on “Trade mission to Japan didn’t go as planned say artists

  1. That is unfortunate, this poor lady tried her best to provide her clients with an experience and the opportunity that don’t come very often for our people.

    We have to recognize as indigenous people , that we seem to be harder in each other, more so than anyone else. This stems from the shamming we experienced with the Catholic Church etc, it has become so engrained and we are so blissfully unaware that we do it, it has become very destructive, in our everyday lives. Social media certainly does not help, we treat it like a complaint box to shame people. A little advice, in the future before you shame try offering support and advice. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur or an indigenous entrepreneur at that. Being the first trip , you can presume you all were in the beta stage, but because of this , there will be no full release (of the opportunity) unfortunately. Please be patient with trail blazers, it will serve you well as entrepreneurs yourselves. For the organizer that was publicly shamed, I apologize on their behalf’s.


    From an indigenous entrepreneur

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