Toronto tattoo artist raising money and awareness for MMIW

Beverly Andrews
APTN National News
When two young girls went missing and were later found dead in Kenora last year Jenn Liles felt it was important not to let their deaths go unnoticed or be forgotten.

Liles is originally from the Kenora area and decided to use her skills as a tattoo artist to raise awareness in Toronto.

On the 14th of every month she will be donating all proceeds from her work to charities that help Indigneous women and families of MMIW.

“Tattoos are usually pretty important to people. It’s how people kind of mark their history on themselves and I think that usually helps a lot of people with healing and loss of family members and loved ones,” she said. “Some people just want a cool tattoo, so it kind of works out. You can gift to somebody but also receive something.”

She also has specified tattoos to honour Indigenous women.

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