Toronto man waits for bone-marrow donor who is Aboriginal

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Michael Daykin recently went through his first round of chemo therapy.

The Toronto man was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia just months ago.

Daykin is hoping to find a bone-marrow donor soon, particularly with a child on the way.

“It’s difficult. The timing is bad to say the least. It’s very stressful and hard on the people around me who love me, my family, my wife, my friends. For me, I do have an optimistic outlook,” he said.

Daykin was adopted so he doesn’t have any blood relatives, aside from his twin brother who is a partial match.

He needs a full donor and he’s looking to the Aboriginal community.

APTN’s Delaney Windigo has the story.

1 thought on “Toronto man waits for bone-marrow donor who is Aboriginal

  1. My name is Crystal Moustafa (McMaster). I tried to register to become a bone marrow donor and before a swab test was sent I was claimed not eligible. The only information that seemed to make me not eligible was my name, sex and date of birth. I am also part native indian. It seems unfair to Mike to not include someone because of age. What if I was a match? Am I missing something here?

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