Torching of RCMP SUV in Innu community draws local online praise

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7 thoughts on “Torching of RCMP SUV in Innu community draws local online praise

  1. Who ever did this is a simple minded idiot (and those who think it’s funny). If you don’t like the police, stay away from them. Simple.

  2. Is an “Indian Band” under the Indian Act or the Municipal Act in Newfoundland/ Labrador because section 91(24), 53 and 125 of the Constitution was not recognized in 1948 and allowed by Canada. So, there are no Indians or Indian reserves in this province so Indians are section 92 citizens with no Indian Act or Constitutional rights here.

  3. If that’s the way your chief feels maybe you should police yourselves. That’s the most ignorant response I’ve ever heard from a first nations leader. Obviously you have no respect for the job the RCMP have to do. You didn’t even mention them in your statement.

    1. The RCMP represents Canadian government. They were and are there to enforce their ideas onto your community, namely a wealthy minority elite, often far removed, that certainly does not represent your community’s interests.

      You are obliged to pay tribute. These powers are based on a flimsy fiction called a constitution, namely a contract that applies to people who had no say in drafting or accepting a contract of rights and responsibilities and applies to people who are not even born yet (a complete absurdity under natural contract law).

      Governments claim they own you, to send to war, to judge, to imprison and to kill you. They have the right to rob you (its called taxes). You give them these rights of your own free will from the day you are born. You belong to the country where your mother dropped you.

      You must apply to them to have a passport to be able to travel. It is an imperative, there is no choice but stay home.

      Native communities traditionally applied consensus to decision making, which means direct decision-making. Oh, but that is the definition of anarchy, no ruler. Heresy.

      Do not forget to say thank you for the crumbs.

    2. They only harass community members and do their jobs when they feel like it. One man locked himself out of his own home a little over 6 months ago and a Cst. there was ready to draw his gun on the individual trying to enter his own home. This is the bullying that is typical of the RCMP in the community. Make no wonder there’s such hatred. They’re not police as far as I’m concerned, but bully bacon bits.

    3. Natuashish’s Mushua Innu First Nation Chief John Nui should’ve not posted anything in the first place. Social media is only for Trump and not a good way to reach out to a community that has bad hostility towards the RCMP. Besides,most of them (RCMP) don’t know the history of the Dene. What we’ve been through and what is still going on. We are in a time of realization, but getting to our moral destination will take a lot longer.

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