Toddler killed in Edmonton lived a ‘terrible life of violence’ say Edmonton Police

(A makeshift memorial at the scene where the body of 19-month old Anthony Raine was found in Edmonton. Photo: Brandi Morin/APTN)

Brandi Morin
APTN National News
The 19-month old boy found dead outside an Edmonton church lived a sad life filled with violence but social services were never involved in the child’s life.

“He was living a terrible life full of violence and one that is terribly sad,” said Staff Sergeant Dwayne Hunter of the Edmonton Police Service Monday at a news conference. “And one you don’t even want to speak about. Bruises all over his body and I’ll leave it at that.”

Hunter said that Anthony Joseph Raine died of head trauma and that the marks on his body will be considered evidence.

“He suffered a lot of trauma,” said Hunter.

At 2 pm on Friday, a passerby discovered the body of the boy outside the Good Shepherd Anglican church.

The boy had been there for three days, clothed and with a blanket but was dead when he was found.

Hunter said the boy was likely left at the church between 10:51 and 11:51 on April 18.

Edmonton police (EPS) have charged the boy’s father, Joseph (Joey) Crier, 26, and his girlfriend Tasha Mack, 25 with second-degree murder along with criminal negligence causing death, assault and failure to provide the necessities of life.

Crier also faces a count of assault causing bodily harm.

On Friday evening police released photos of the clothes the infant was wearing in an effort to identify him.

Then on Saturday, police released an image to try and identify two persons of interest.

By Saturday evening police arrested Crier and Mack.

Raine’s mother is from the Louis Bull Tribe in Maskwacis and was notified by police about the death of her son on Saturday evening.

Raine’s aunt’s started a memorial page on Facebook where thousands of people have joined posting messages of support for the Raine family.

The aunt’s also created a Go Fund Me campaign to help with costs of the funeral. The post reads that Raine was not yet registered with Louis Bull Band and did not qualify for financial help with the funeral. As of Monday morning, almost $7,000 has been raised.

Both of the accused are in custody at the Edmonton Remand Centre.

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11 thoughts on “Toddler killed in Edmonton lived a ‘terrible life of violence’ say Edmonton Police

  1. Gillian says:

    It is very sad and like most my first reaction is hang the bastards. But upon more thought I wondered what we’d find out about the life of the father ( and mother for that matter). Without defending the actions of these parents its important to understand it. A life profile would probably reveal parents who were neglected and abused as children ( maybe even as tragically as this little victim). The difference is the parents physically survived their childhood ordeals, and this little fella didn’t, but in all likelihood the neurological, psycological, and emotional damage of the parents would be dramatic. I may be wrong but I suspect when the trial gets underway this is what we’ll discover. Family often may be aware what is happening but they live with the knowledge of the terrible childhood the parents had, and carry guilt in reporting such abuse to the authorities and therefor don’t report. I suspect as Aboriginal people their personal experience with the system has slso been abusive, another reason for not reporting. Sadly these tragedies are so very complex.

    1. Oh please, are you kidding me? ‘Aboriginal people’ and their experience with the system? What experiences? STOP it with the excuses!! It has nothing to do with being Aboriginal – what an insult. It was simply an evil father and his evil girlfriend. Two cowards who took it upon themselves to Torture a helpless baby.
      People go through violence and abuse all through their lives and don’t do something as despicable as Torturing their own innocent kids.

      Enough of the excuses.

  2. Poor lil man… i honestly don’t understand how the mother did not know…. the sister said she had a fight with her brother??? Hello call police.. there was a child involved. Poor lil man had bruises and leave it at that? ?? Wtf call child services… this has got to be the worst story. Tasha and Joey i hope you get served harsh trials.. sick fucks… the mom… omg….. the signs hunni were always there.. im sorry for yoyr loss. .. i think its time the reserves do something about the bad life. People start calling welfare.

  3. Sad how can a so called father do that to a child so young,he was there to guide him not abuse him he was the provider and protector of his well being not to be his monster and take an innocent child’s virtue of trust and live in fear.a son who doesn’t have to live in fear no more my condolences to the mother and her family and the young child’s uncles and aunties and who his little heart touched through out this ordeal,this saddens a lot of people in our community through out canada,myself as a father,uncle and provider,protector and friend i say this man and his partner in crime should not see the freedom he once shared with his son .again my condolences to the mother and her family.

    1. by this comment are you suggesting she is at fault,??? he was in the care of the father and his gf..they have been charged

  4. This is so heartbreaking. Why have a poor innocent child In your care if you have no intentions of taking care of them. This is so traumatic and very sad. My heart goes out to the family and mother of this baby boy. Rest in peace little Anthony❤️

    1. Why did it take 3 days for anyone to notice the baby by the church that’s what the news said
      Was he hidden or covered up ??

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