Tobacco battle flares in two more provinces

Authorities in British Columbia and Saskatchewan have recently seized thousands of cigarettes shipped by a Mohawk tobacco company in Kahnawake, Que., aiming to establish a reserve-based distribution network throughout the Western provinces, APTN National News has learned.

(Rainbow Tobacco president Robbie Dickson. Photo courtesy of The Eastern Door)

By Jorge Barrera
APTN National News
Authorities in British Columbia and Saskatchewan have recently seized thousands of cigarettes shipped by a Mohawk tobacco company in Kahnawake, Que., aiming to establish a reserve-based distribution network throughout the Western provinces, APTN National News has learned.

Rainbow Tobacco president Robbie Dickson said provincial authorities had seized two separate shipments in British Columbia and one shipment in Saskatchewan in the last few days.

The seizures signal an escalation in the confrontation between federally licensed Rainbow Tobacco and governments in three Western provinces.

Dickson is already in the midst of a legal battle with Alberta to recoup 14 million cigarettes seized Jan. 5 by provincial authorities from the Montana First Nation.

Rainbow Tobacco had its federal license renewed on Jan. 11.

Rainbow Tobacco, which pays hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in federal tax, is aiming to cut provincial tax collectors out of cigarette sales on reserves. The company argues that it doesn’t fall under provincial laws because tobacco trade between First Nations falls under federal jurisdiction according to the Constitution.

“All these provincial tobacco (laws) have been passed without consulting First Nations people and any industry that directly affects First Nations people has be go through consultation,” said Dickson. “(The provinces) went ahead and passed their tobacco (laws).”

The company’s position is gaining traction among First Nations leaders, including Assembly of First Nations national Chief Shawn Atleo who recently called for provinces to respect First Nations jurisdiction.

“First Nations leaders and governments are legitimately asserting their authority and jurisdiction regarding tobacco sales and distribution in their communities based on their authority over health, commercial activity and economics and trade,” said Atleo, in a recent statement.

The issue is also expected to come up during the assembly of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations later this month.

Tobacco carries heavy political baggage and is intricately linked to sovereignty issues in Iroquois communities.

In Kahnawake, the tobacco industry has the political backing of the band council and the police force. The Six Nations reserve in Ontario is home to one of the country’s most successful cigarette companies, Grand River Enterprises, which has established a global distribution network.

First Nations people introduced tobacco to Europeans and the plant has been used in sacred ceremonies since time immemorial.

First Nations leaders like Manitoba’s Roseau River Chief Terrance Nelson, who faced tobacco-related court battles in the 1990s, argue Canadian governments should have no say over what First Nations do with tobacco.

“Tobacco is an Indigenous product. The Whiteman does not own tobacco, tobacco belongs to us. It is not illegal and it is an issue about taxation of our people, it is not about tobacco,” said Nelson, in a recent statement.

First Nations leaders in some impoverished communities believe the cigarette trade can help put their reserves on more solid economic footing.

Federal and provincial governments reap hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues off the sale of cigarettes.

The latest seizures also confirm the ambitious scope of Rainbow Tobacco’s plans to take a direct run at provincial tobacco tax laws in Western Canada.

Provincial governments, with the help of the RCMP, also appear to be coordinating their response to the Mohawk company’s challenge.

A Saskatchewan ministry official speaking on background said the seizures were linked.

“We cooperate with the enforcement jurisdictions in the provinces and the RCMP,” said the official. “We work together on these situations. That is about all the details we can share with you.”

The official said Rainbow Tobacco was not licensed to ship cigarettes in Saskatchewan.

Cheryl Maurice, a member of the English River Dene First Nation, said she was visited by an enforcement officer with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Finance Tuesday morning. Maurice, who lives in Saskatoon, said the ministry agent, accompanied by an RCMP officer, told her that two cases of cigarettes addressed to her and sent by Rainbow Tobacco had been seized.

“They told me they wouldn’t arrest me, but said I could get a $12,000 fine and seize my vehicles,” she said.

Maurice said there were plans to set up a warehouse on a Saskatchewan First Nation to distribute Rainbow Tobacco cigarettes across reserves in the provinces. She said the shipment of two cases, or 20,000 cigarettes, was simply a product sample.

“We were actually going to negotiate with one of the First Nations to provide them with warehousing opportunities to create employment at the First Nation which has an unemployment level of 80 per cent,” she said. “We wanted to provide opportunity to our young people to work…and create and economy and be as vibrant as we once were before contact.”

On Monday morning, Catherine Duchene, who lives in Youbou, B.C., on Vancouver Island, said she was visited by an agent with the investigative unit of the B.C. Ministry of Finance accompanied by an RCMP officer.

“He read me my rights…and asked me if would want a lawyer. I said no. He advised me that they had confiscated a parcel sent to me and asked if I knew it was being sent,” said Duchene, who says her family is from Kahnawake and is in the process of changing her last name to Sharbot-Brant.

Duchene said she had been in contact with Dickson who said he would be sending her a “gift” in gratitude for her expression of support for his cause in online discussions.

“There was no money exchanged,” she said.

Carson Kong, director of the investigation unit for B.C.’s Ministry of Finance, said the cigarettes were being held in Surrey, B.C., after they were seized through a search warrant from a courier company.

Kong said it’s against provincial law to ship or receive more than five cartons of cigarettes without a license.

Dickson said two cases were seized by B.C. authorities, each containing 50 cartons holding 200 cigarettes each. Dickson said one of the cases was destined for the Squamish First Nation.

The Montana First Nations cigarette seizure, which made headlines across the country, disrupted plans at least two years in the making to turn the community, which sits about 90 kilometres south of Edmonton, into the main distribution point for Rainbow cigarette products to reserves throughout Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan. Rainbow aimed to replace all other cigarette brands on reserves throughout the three provinces.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    During development of the so-called issues and direction evolving on most forward advancing economicial first nations, seemingly, Federal and provincial governments continue to opress gains made by those bands, no mattter the issues or subject matter! nespecially when the economics protray first nation gains toward making millions My hopes is that most of the first nation bands make use of policy development and create it inside their policies before the DIA tries to create policies to not allow this to be included! nlooking at negotiating tactics, all of the gov’t agencies continues make statements “Can’t go because it’s against federal or provincial policy” so in order to gain aborignal law,…create this inside policy structure, so the supreme court obeys First nation laws as well,..

  2. when cutting deals in mining sell it by the ton…. and when your done your out… so if they claim thier 20 tons of gold thats all they get to dig… they cant claim more or take away other minerals like copper the deal is what gold and 20 tons… its a buisness deal not a rape…

  3. see you really ask for seal of the licence from the queen her self… why rules are broken… and you cant turn a McDonald franchise into a country… basically their employees claiming a country of Briton because the upper class McDonald workers…. we never ask for all this McDonald workers did we from britton…

  4. Cliffs, with a market capitalization of $12 billion U.S. and owner of Wabush Mines in Quebec-Labrador, is taking over rival iron ore producer Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Ltd., for $4.9 billion U.S. It invested about $365 million to acquire ownership of the Ring of Fire chromite properties.nn====ahhhhh see…. tell them they cant…. mining already going on…. too late… don’t forget who they jailed… for this scam to come round… it has to do with rules of engagement… the prov can only validate the miner like a drivers permit they cant sell the land… nation to nation trade…nn

  5. u201cBC Hydro and the province have been resisting meaningful engagement every step of the way,u201d he said. u201cThe province and BC Hydro need to take first nations more seriously to create certainty for these projects.u201dnnManuel said his community is at the beginning of the corridor east of Merritt. The lines cut through areas used by band members. Impacts range from electro-magnetic fields created by the lines, insect spraying where traditional foods and medicines are gathered, and introduction of invasive species along the transmission corridors, he said.nn====== see this what i mean using low DCvolts and planting our wild gardends under them will prevent the growth…. its AC that creats electro-magnetic fields it only takes one mass solar flair to run accross the lines causing mass damage….nn

  6. The Extractive Metallurgy Group at Xstrata Process Support (XPS) has successfully produced the first metallic product from Canadian chromite, according to a Feb. 2 press release. nnThe initial small-scale smelting tests were performed on ore taken from the Big Daddy chromite deposit, a joint-venture partnership between Cliffs Natural Resources and junior miner KWG. nnConsidering ferrochrome production has not been part of Canadian mining and metallurgy, the initial results were very encouraging, the company said. Karen Clancy, XPS metallurgical technologist, performed the tests under the guidance of Arthur Barnes, a 30-year veteran in ferrochrome metallurgy. XPS is working closely with the owners of these deposits. nn===== ranting owner ship…. understand the province has an obligation to produce credentials not ownership permits…. their are rules of engagement when it comes to creating legal business claims… everyone has the right to create a business and one authority cant over throw the other… basically any community member can claim the land is in use for trade…. base on the approval of its community…

  7. Royal Proclamation of 1763 is when the boarder was made not in 1867.. n nand the Canadian constitution is bound by it for then to trade with us…. its thier union rules… not thier country…n ntheir are clauses in that lets audit the system…. for perversion… and if found in breach they can get pink slip off the island… this is our country…. Turtle island

  8. when they create boards of protection they are actually creating ponzi system… nlike wheat board ncrtc board nmining board… n nall they do is give to their buddies cutting us out of the trade table…. n nthey are claiming rights above everyone…. we have trade agreements with Britton and the have a work permit status card…. nwe are not their slave colony… n nwork permit dose not = ownership…

  9. Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak admits “it won’t be easy,” but says the province must work with the federal government and First Nation communities to crack down on the sale of contraband tobacco.nn”If we don’t take a stand and start, for example, ending this practice and closing down some of the illegal smoke shacks that are profiting from this grey area in the law, we’re going to have a greater problem,” he said in a recent interview with The Sun Times.nn====== the problem with tobacco is the prov and revenue canada giving tax scams to thier dealers….the gray tax imposed on first nations…. where we pay full tax and they get secrite rebates to kill off the industry…. tax should be done at the point sale and a first nations should have the right send in thier audit team to review all all tax clause created by the prov scams….

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  13. patent pending copyright education and proprietary secrets…. these are rules set for to protect business…. and everyone has a right to create a business and use these rules of engagement…

    so explain how many jobs and money you plan to create… but invoke protection law…so just rant out your sound bites but keep it a secrete and voice out you have the right to create a business that its not an exclusive club by the people from accross the pond…

  14. if they state our ideas our stupid ask them to add the man hours of the dead lakes to the cost of minning…. and since they still have a big mess on their 6000 mines not being clean-up that they have mush work on their hands… left un-done

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  17. Does the Federal or Provincial Government have the right to interfere in the trade of tobacco which is done strictly between Native American Reserves? That sounds outrageous …

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    ===== the line should be like your TV cable… tower need to be solid like concrete… what happen is the hub runs the wire and shock wheel under the wire so when it gets to the pole it run through the track as it dose its suck the energy out of the compositor in the tower + its magnet energy…. theirs a set of capacitors in thunder stick scooter that sucks it out can be 8 feet long track on each side of the pole… it should let you travel xxx amount + solar…. 50k should not be a problem…2 1500 watt vortext windmill on top…. your homes hook up… lol

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  22. Ice jams up north threatened 75 per cent of Southern Manitoba’s power supply, Manitoba Hydro says.nn”Ten days ago, there was a situation where we had overland flooding,” said spokesman Glenn Schneider. “We had crews go to take a look.”nnThe Crown utility is keeping a close eye on hydro towers close to Sipiwesk Lake and swollen parts of the Nelson River about 700 kilometres north of Winnipeg.nnWater was around the base of some of the steel towers, which are secured by steel guy wires moored into the ground, Schneider said.nn====== see what i mean its the AC power its connected to the ground….. this would not happen with my low voltage DC lines with mass amps…. the line could off load 30,000 watts at 48 volts

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  25. POLICE AND COURTSnPosted -48 second agon nnCompany comes to aid of injured protestornnMike Aikennnfor The Enterprise nnA Marten Falls First Nation man who was injured erecting a camp to blockade exploration in the Ring Of Fire was saved by one of the companies he planned to protest against. nn==== are we not allowed to fix the problems the newcomers have created on our land…. 6000 poision minds…. we started to melt rocks with the power of the with the sun 6000 years ago… we should have no problems doing it today…. tooo

  26. Northern mayors unite nBy Chelsey Romain, The Daily PressnPosted 14 hours agon nnIt was a full agenda at the most recent meeting of the Northern Ontario Large Urban Mayors, and all but one member was new. nn====lol the hawks are in for the kill…. just start minning…. will get the equipment up thier…. i need that stainless steel…

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  28. As far as John Rodriguez is concerned, it’s not a matter of why Chicago-based Cliffs Natural Resources would build a smelter in Sudbury to process chromite ore from the Black Thor area of the Ring of Fire.nnThe question is, why wouldn’t it?nnSudbury — more specifically, a brownfield site about 25 miles from Capreol — is the logical place for Cliffs to build the smelter it plans to operate by 2015 with as many as 1,300 workers.nnGreater Sudbury has hydroelectric power, transportation, a skilled workforce, a mining culture and mining infrastructure, Sudbury’s former mayor said.nn====== it seems they want to do it all and collect at every level leaving who with out a dime…. tell them we got all under control and if we need thier help will let them know….

  29. Major BC Hydro Transmission Project Dealt Another BlownBritish Columbia Utilities Commission Rules that First Nations Not ConsultednnAttention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Environment Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs EditornnVANCOUVER, BC, NEWS RELEASE–(Marketwire – Feb. 4, 2011) – BC Hydro’s most significant transmission project in 30 years, the proposed $700 million dollar transmission line from Merritt to the Lower Mainland, was dealt another setback yesterday when the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) ruled that First Nations had not been sufficiently consulted. After a year long review of BC Hydro’s engagement of First Nations, the BCUC ruled that BC Hydro had failed to meet the high level of consultation owed to several First Nations who will be seriously affected by the proposed new transmission line. As a result, the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity required for the project-which was suspended by the B.C. Court of Appeal in 2009 when it ordered the BCUC to reconsider the matter-remains suspended. At this time, the project, which was originally slated to receive all major approvals by Fall 2009, remains in limbo and cannot proceed.nn

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  32. Monopoley on trade…. But this is turtlue Island…nnHarper, Obama agree to integrate border, creating security and trade perimeternWASHINGTON u2014 Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama are seeking a sweeping deal to establish a North American security and trade perimeter, opening talks Friday that could lead to jointly operated Canada-U.S. border facilities, an integrated entry-exit system to track travellers and the deployment of “cross-designated” law enforcement officers to intercept terrorists and criminals.nnnHarper touted the plan as vital to both the safety and prosperity of Canadians, even as critics expressed concerns a future agreement with the U.S. could compromise the nation’s sovereignty.nnn”This declaration is not about sovereignty. We are sovereign countries who have the capacity to act as we choose to act,” Harper told reporters following an hour-long White House meeting with Obama.nn====nnGood thing when let them have a boarder way back before 1867 that we had reserves that would let use pass trade…. Sky line roots….nnHaving China honor our patent pending Skylines will help keep the feet of opressor to the fire..and help inovation for both sides…. n

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  34. They are invading First Nations. Do we not see it for what it really is? Where is our freedom?nnObviously Rainbow has a point. Obviously. Otherwise there would have been charges laid. This can be fought.nnWe must look at the past and realize that the provinces won’t stop with just tobacco. The governments are going to take more and more of our rights away. We are going back in time. Our First Nations’ reservations are becoming prisons again if we can’t exercise free trade among these FNs.nnLack of education among the Canadian population is going to cause us to go backward, and I mean education about First Nations’ history. There are already people I’ve seen in other comments suggesting FNs be shut up on their reservations and have passports to leave. That could almost be worse than racism. That’s going backward. Too many Canadians don’t even realize that Aboriginals were once shut up on their reservations and needed passports to leave. We were already there. nnOur treaties never said anything about bowing to provincial taxation, not that I know of. Our freedoms are being attacked.

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  37. here is what i mean… the mob is connect with revenue canada running thier scams to ponzi everyone…. the best way to stop it is to force the gov not to collect at your level but at the point of sale… no one getting out of paying taxes are they….nnLONDON, Ont. – What’s good news for London smokers may be bad for many small retailers as Canada’s biggest tobacco company moves to drive down cigarette prices. nnAs of Nov. 1, Imperial Tobacco launched a new pricing program that gives about 10,000 retailers, roughly a third of all stores, a $5-a-carton price break they’re supposed to pass along to consumers. nnRetailers who get the deal agree not to sell above a maximum price but can decide to sell for less. nnThe other retailers, though, are just out of luck. nn

  38. the simple solution is get them to fix thier tax scam…. like they want you to pay the full tax and they give thier buddies a brake on the tax keeping market control in thier industry…nn

  39. see the mob wants their structures to rule over everyone….. like tax collecting should never be done at the manufacture level… but at the point of sale…nnlike you should have the right to sell your tobacco anywhere and its up to the store to collect the prov tax…nnthey want you to pay the tax… and be the collector where the money never brings back returns except moldy schools and homes…. nnunderstand that they run a black market with their buddies that’s why they want tax money out of you… if you got to sell directly to the stores and they collected the tax they could not ponzi the market could they…nntheirs a tax scam going on…

  40. like who would write rules like this but a mob….nnu201c(2.6) An exempt sale retailer may apply, in the prescribed manner and atnthe prescribed times, to obtain a refund of amounts paid to a licensednmanufacturer or a licensed importer respecting tobacco that is black stocknthat the exempt sale retailer has purchased from the licensed manufacturernor licensed importer and has sold to an exempt consumeru201d.

  41. see take a look how the gov runs a mob systems they call it black stock and give their buddies exempt clause…. then create ponzi to favour thier industries… so you cant trade they down you out of the market… its scam….nnNo person shall, in Saskatchewan, purchase, attempt to purchase ornpossess tobacco that is black stock unless the person:n(a) is an exempt consumer; orn(b) is permitted to do so pursuant to subsection (1) or (2).nu201c(2.3) No exempt consumer shall purchase or possess more tobacco that isnblack stock than the prescribed amount without being authorized to do sonpursuant to the regulations.

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  44. understand what we can do with our sky lines…ntransporting goods and peoplentranfer of electricitynopen our wild gardens under the lines for food harvesting….ncreating off ramps nits not what we hord that counts but the types of brid nest we can build to foster hope for comunity growth to service each other….nn======nnFortisOntario and Lake Huron Anishinabek First Nations Announce Memorandum of Understanding to Develop Transmission Projects in OntarionnST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR–(Marketwire – Feb. 2, 2011) – FortisOntario Inc. (“FortisOntario”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc. (“Fortis”) (TSX:FTS) and First Nations’ Lake Huron Anishinabek Transmission Company Inc. (“LHATC”) announced today that FortisOntario and LHATC have entered into a memorandum of understanding for a joint venture to develop, construct and operate regulated electricity transmission projects in Ontario. LHATC represents First Nations who are signatories or are adherent to the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850. FortisOntario will hold a minimum 51% interest, with LHATC having the rights to acquire up to a 49% equity interest, in the joint venture.nnThe Ontario Energy Board recently issued a Framework for Transmission Project Development Plans (the “Framework”), which encourages competition for new transmission investment in Ontario through a formal competitive designation process for projects identified by the Ontario Power Authority, the transmission planner for the Province of Ontario. The Framework was issued in response to the significant investment required in Ontario’s transmission system to build additional capacity to accommodate new renewable energy supply and upgrade the aging transmission infrastructure to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient system over the long term. nn”This joint venture will leverage the combined strengths of LHATC and its unified group of First Nations communities with the expertise of the Fortis companies, thereby enabling us to compete successfully to construct, own and operate new transmission infrastructure in Ontario,” says Bill Daley, President and Chief Executive Officer, FortisOntario.nn

  45. its about controling trade…. that way your limited to development… where they can claim we should be thankfull for all the things they bring to us…

  46. like think about it they did not send a document about hey you needs on your produced and and you have to go to court over this… nope instead they stole the tobacco to kill off the industry… where other tobacco company get to go to court we get our inventory stolen…

  47. even if we played by their rules they would only ponzi us out of any industry…. like frog being boiled slowly… where we play high fees and they would simply ignore them by controlling it by law..nnimperial tobacco

  48. They took away our lands, our freedom and our children! Now they want to tell us how to smoke our tobacco?! Thatu2019s it! Enoughu2019s enough! Itu2019s about time Natives start putting forth a concerted effort to challenge, change and re-interpret the laws in our favour u2013 simply do what the white man exemplified for us. They are constantly challenging, changing and re-interpreting their laws.nnThe western Provinces are gathering together, and thatu2019s what First Nations must begin to do now. Gather and unite our voices. So long as the Government, and media, can keep us separate we will keep losing these important battles.

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