Thunder Bay police doesn’t have “competency” for proper death investigations: top detective

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12 thoughts on “Thunder Bay police doesn’t have “competency” for proper death investigations: top detective

  1. Michael Laforme says:

    It’s not a matter of incompetence , It’s a matter of the will to do an investigation concerning a First Nations Member , Really the Police don’t care , For them it’s just a matter of one less Indian . I have seen first hand and over heard the Police talking about Indians and what they said wasn’t nice . It left me with the impression that it would be too much of a bother , That’s the Thunder Bay Police Service . On the other hand I have seen a very different effort put forth by the O.P.P. who have over and over again gone to extreme lengths to do a proper investigation into each and every investigation not only in death investigations but even into the very thankless investigations , The Ont. Prov. Police must have a different basis for the appointment of the People they choose to have working for the people of Ontario .

  2. I would like to know how  the RCMP became  involved with a case they turned over to the OPP to investigate  about allegations of criminal wrongdoing that resulted in  criminal charges  against the Thunder Bay police chief ,but the RCMP are not being be asked to help to investigate the river deaths occurring in Thunder Bay?
    Why does the Thunder Bay acting police chief refuse first nation chiefs’ request to involve the RCMP to investigate the river deaths that are occurring in this city?
    I would think involving the RCMP in the river deaths would be of higher importance. Maybe it is time for the  Thunder Bay police board to provide oversight of  the police service  and they should direct the acting police chief to call in the RCMP as requested by first nation chiefs.
     As lawyer Julian Falconer stated , “They (OPP) were never asked ( by the Debungee family and First nation chief James Leonard) to review the Thunder Bay Police Services work, that is the work of the OIPRD. The OPP were supposed to do a re-investigation of DeBungee’s death — which they still haven’t done.”
    Why will the Thunder Bay acting police chief not bring in the RCMP to investigate the river deaths?

    1. …..It would be up to Thunder Bay City Council to decide on that and brought to motion in favour…..

  3. Prayers to ALL of the families whom lost a loved one in Thunder Bay. Someone crack this PLEASE!!

  4. I will always believe cops in Thunder Bay are involved in the natives deaths. Until they find for sure 3 white males doing it. How do we know if these 3 males are not cops. Why they are covering it up with drowning. Heard there was another boy who had bit one guy to get away. Why isn’t cops investigating that looking for 2 white males in a SUV black. Plus a male with teeth marks on him. Very Sad the cops in Thunder Bay remember guys God is going to be your Judge very soon.

  5. They are as competent as any other police force in Canada. Sometimes the investigation result to show the result some people want. Doesn’t make them incompetent.

    1. They are not suppose to be making their investigations results about what some people want. And saying they are as competent as any other police force in Canada who also pander to the political will is not saying much in terms of competence.

  6. Has anyone researched why there are few drowning deaths on the first nations ….most tiny tots are shown how to swim from a very young age its a survival skill why is death by drowning so high in Thunder Bay????
    walk the beat be in the community and out of the computerized cars after all the mandate is to serve and protect its time to get back to basics
    not Robo cops

    1. 1) not all natives can swim. 2) no one can survive frigid waters without immediate assistance. The ability to swim will not save you. 3) if you are extremely drunk your survival chances are basically zero

  7. This is horrendous! The poor families of these people must have been going through hell. The police should be transfered out of the city and suspended and retrained without pay while on suspension. I am sure those families would rather send the whole force to jail for a few years. I seen how ignorant the police were when I lived there. Not all but most. I lived there 15 years. This is one reason I left. I have a lot of indeginous nieces nephews and cousins and friends that would come visit in T.bay. I would never let them shop alone , even at 16. Also never let them out after dark. I had a native girl ( stranger) screaming and banging on my door after being attacked by 5 white males one night. I called police and waited till 5 a.m. And went to bed after calling them numerous times and left girl in my house. She was gone before police woke me up. She had her hair tucked in and a baseball cap on backwards cause thought it would be safer if she looked like a boy walking home from near my place on heron street to Port Arthur. She was around 15 or 16 yrs. old and no one would help her when she screamed and got away and kept running banging on doors until blocks later I opened mine and said run in quick cause they were chasing her. They had broken her necklace and she was pretty shook up with a few scratches. That’s only cause she got away. I told police to go find her to talk cause I wasn’t getting out of bed that late after they took 4 hours.

  8. He really makes a lot of sense. I cannot believe his banking card was used 3 times on the day he was found deceased and our police did not do anything about that…It just doesn’t make sense…

  9. Wow. Lots of unanswered questions.
    And I guess we can’t really rely on the Thunder Bay for protection and investigations.
    Very sad.
    Indian will forever be here.
    Will never get rid of Indians

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