Thunder Bay mayor, wife charged with extortion

Mayor Keith Hobbs, 65, his wife Marisa Hobbs, 53, where charged with one count each of extortion and obstruction of justice.

6 thoughts on “Thunder Bay mayor, wife charged with extortion

  1. Now will the Federal and Provincial governments step up and realize what every other intelligent person knows? There is something very wrong in Thunder Bay, the root is all through that city!

  2. Why is he on a paid leave , he needs to be fired, corruption starts at City Hall the lowest branch of the Government Employee’s , straight to the PM and MP’s, Mafia in Suits at the Tax Purse . and still getting paid .

  3. No wonder Thunder Bay has so many vicious racist attacks. They have a corrupt mayor in charge. The rest of Canada shudders every time we see news about Thunder Bay because it is typically AWFUL SHAMEFUL and reminiscent of some uncivilized war zone not the Canada the rest of us pretend to live in.

  4. Maybe Thunder Bay residents will learn not to hire the mafia,current justice suggests taking a hard look at the rest of their city employees

  5. As if he gets to take a paid leave of absence from his position considering the seriousness of these charges!

  6. no wonder they have no time to do a proper investigation of missing and murdered men and women. Their focus is elsewhere and it’s not for the good of the community. how sad:(. !!

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