‘This article is so spectacularly ignorant’ Reaction to former judge’s Thunder Bay editorial

A contentious article written by a former Manitoba judge and published this week in a Thunder Bay paper has angered people

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10 thoughts on “‘This article is so spectacularly ignorant’ Reaction to former judge’s Thunder Bay editorial

  1. This Judge needs education and training on how to respect First Nations People .He should learn about their culture & apologize for his racist comments. The justice system needs an overhaul change and rid itself of racism from judges, police, schools ,workplace, hospitals, prison systems.

  2. Please don’t stop trying to put Giesbrecht , the Frontier Centre, and Troy Media on. They share a shameful record.

  3. Time journal seems to have been running a number of articles lately that originate from the western provinces and are blatantly racist in slant. no wonder Thunder Bay has received such a bad reputation as a city that quietly endorse racism towards it native members.

  4. The education needs to be changed. I learnt about the useless Punic Wars so we cannot include Indigenous Studies at every level of the Public School Programs. As a teacher, I would like to see treaties as major portion of all provincial PSPs. The who, what, when, where, and why regarding treaties need to be included plus more. There is no shortage of teachers within our communities who can teach is this specialty. We are generally the last, if ever, to be hired withn the provincial school systems. The settlers claim that we do not pay taxes so we do not deserve to be employed. We are the ones who are paying the highest taxes in all forms of taxes. This is our land and we need to be first in priviledges not the White priviledged.

  5. Its the Chronicle Journal – Not the Chronicle Herald. But aside from that, their is also the fact that very few people in town actually pay for this paper. Several business have stopped advertising with the CJ, as a result of their slanted, view. There is a reason this paper is reffered to as the Crockful Urinal.

    1. That kind of opinion is EXACTLY HOW he became a judge. In Canada laws are shaped by the courts and by putting people like him in the legal system can be used against the First Nations.

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