Satirical online news source The Feather enters second season of messing with the headlines

Indigenous comedians in Saskatoon are into their second season of delivering The Feather, which they say is doing news their own way.

“Hi and welcome to The Feather, I’m Danny Knight where it’s civilized in the front but savage in the back,” an online episode starts.

According to its website, The Feather is provided with an “Indigenous Slant, which means tons of laughter and copious amounts of smart-ass articles that you can share with your friends and family.”

​Shawn Cuthand is one of the comedians working in front of and behind the camera.

“I am half Cree and half Mohawk,” he says. “I come from Little Pine reserve but lived in Saskatoon all my life and also my mom is from Akwwsasane Mohawk Nation.”

His fellow comedian is Danny Knight.

“I am Cree just a little old nehiyaw but I am from Muskoday First Nation,” he says. “My mom is from God’s Lake in Manitoba. I am half is it Swampy Cree, the northern Cree anyways. I am all deadly is basically what you got to know.”

The duo are part of the on-air talent of The Feather where both are writers, directors for the satirical newscast.

The idea started with Ryan Moccasin when he received money through the Saskatchewan Arts Board and recruited his fellow stand-up comedians Cuthand and Knight to join The Feather.

They uploaded season one of The Feather and because of the success are now working on season two.

“It was like they were just webasodes but for season two of the feather we wanted to do a full episode,” says Knight.

The guys say they have a lot of fun doing the live online show and they have one coming up very soon.

“We are doing our next livestream on December third and we can interact with our audience it’s really fun actually,” said Cuthand.

The age group audience is 18 above because of some profanity, but they hope Elders and non-Indigenous people enjoy their humour too.

“Eighteen and older and I am hoping Elders are laughing at our videos when they see them and some of them may even be a little bit educational. Good for your moniyaw friends to watch.”

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