Teen shot by Winnipeg police facing robbery charges

The Ojibway teen who was shot by police outside a Winnipeg convenience store last month has been charged with robbery and possession of a weapon.

Police charged the 16-year-old male following his release from hospital on Dec. 7.

He has been remanded in custody.

Winnipeg Police responded to an active robbery at a 7-Eleven in the city’s West End on Nov. 21.

In social media videos of the incident, it appears the teen is banging on the inside window of the convenience store with something.

When he finally exits police yell at him to drop something but he continues to approach an officer.

Several seconds later police start shooting. Nine shots could be heard in the video.

Police would not confirm how many times the teen was shot.

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba is investigating the incident as they are tasked with looking into any serious incident involving police.

One of the officers at the scene was also injured by what police believe was shrapnel.

He was treated in hospital and released.

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