Taking a closer look at Attawapiskat: An APTN special report

APTN National News
A four-part series looking into equality for Aboriginal peoples began Wednesday night.

Almost everyone has an opinion on what that is.

We started in Attawapiskat.

The Cree community on the west coast of James Bay has been in the news a lot over the past couple of years.

For the most part it’s because of poverty, such as poor housing and lack of jobs.

But with a diamond mine just 90 kilometres away how is it that poverty exists?

APTN National News reporter Jorge Barrera has this report.

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5 thoughts on “Taking a closer look at Attawapiskat: An APTN special report

  1. If housing was important to the community and it wasn’t dealt with in the IBA, then why did they sign the IBA?

  2. May you can get over your entitlement mentality and realize that race based exceptions and privileges are highly racist – just in an underhanded way. If you are truly equal than you dont need handouts.

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