Surveillance video shows attack that killed Stony Stanley Bushie

Bushie was one of two men found dead in Winnipeg Saturday

APTN National News
WINNIPEG—Stony Stanley Bushie was thrown to the ground by a man who then beat him with an object before dragging his limp body to the back corner of a construction site where it was found 21 hours later by a security guard doing his Saturday evening rounds, according to video surveillance footage.

Bushie’s body was found at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday behind APTN’s headquarters which sits across Portage Ave. from the MTS Centre where the Winnipeg Jets play.

Surveillance video captured Friday evening by cameras on APTN’s building show the man, who was wearing a dark, long-sleeve top and a backpack, returned to the body about two hours after the attack.

APTN has decided not to broadcast or publish video of the murder which shows the man throwing Bushie to the ground before he beat him with an unidentified object. The man dragged Bushie’s limp body to the spot where it was eventually discovered in the construction site.

APTN handed over the motion-camera surveillance video footage to the Winnipeg police.

Bushie, 48, was killed across the street from where police found the body of Donald Collins, 65, at about 12:45 a.m. Saturday.

Winnipeg police believe the deaths are connected and suspect it is the work of the same killer.

Police also released still images from surveillance video of a man considered a person of interest in connection with the murders. The stills released by police do not come from APTN’s surveillance video.

APTN’s surveillance video picked up Bushie and the man at about 9:06 p.m. Friday. The video shows the two men entering APTN’s rear parking lot. Bushie follows a couple metres behind the man as they walk behind a construction trailer for a moment. They are not there long before the man, still in the lead, reappears on video and walks around the other way to the rear of the trailer. Bushie, who is following slowly from behind, stops and won’t go any farther.

At 9:07 p.m., the video shows the man trying to convince Bushie to follow him to the rear of the construction area where Bushie’s body was eventually discovered. The video shows the man gesturing and pointing to the area before walking there himself.  The man then returns and continues to urge Bushie to follow him, but Bushie won’t go and takes a step back.

Eventually, Bushie relents and he follows the man on a different path leading to a porta-potty set up to service the construction site. The man opens the door to the porta-potty and Bushie enters before quickly exiting. The unidentified man also enters and exits the facility. They never go in together. The man then steps around the porta-potty, but Bushie doesn’t follow.

At 9:09 p.m. Bushie and the man head slowly back to the street. The man keeps halting and pointing back towards the area where Bushie’s body was eventually found.

Bushie and the man then talk for roughly four minutes. They are standing between the street and the construction trailer.

At 9:14 p.m. strong wind gusts blow heavy cardboard packing into the air. The steady stream of pedestrian and vehicle traffic that provided part of the background throughout the video has now ceased. The two men keep talking for about a minute longer before the man throws Bushie to the ground. The man uses a blunt object to beat Bushie several times.

The man drags Bushie’s body to a back corner of the construction area. The man returns to the same spot about two hours later. The body was found next to a red plastic pylon, a wooden board and a pile of pipes

Winnipeg homicide detectives are now searching for the man and have issued warnings to those living on the street that he may strike again.

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