Supreme Court grants Grassy Narrows another day in court

Grassy Narrows will get another day in court.

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OTTAWA--Grassy Narrows will get another day in court.

The Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday it will hear Grassy Narrows First Nation’s case challenging Ontario’s authority to issue logging permits on its traditional territory.

Grassy Narrows says the community’s rights are enshrined in 1873-signed Treaty 3 and that Ontario is infringing on those rights.

Grassy Narrows lost earlier this year before Ontario’s Court of Appeal. It has been fighting the Ontario government over the Whiskey Jack Forest for years after the province issued a license to Abitibi-Consolidated Inc., which is now known as Resolute Forest Products Canada Inc., to clear cut parts Grassy Narrows’ claimed territory.

The people of Grassy Narrows are still grappling with the after-effects of mercury poisoning. Mercury dumped into the Wabigoon-English River system by a pulp mill destroyed their commercial fishing industry and poisoned the fish, which was a main source of food.

The Supreme Court posted their decision to grant leave to appeal on its website.

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  1. There should be no clear cutting allowed anywhere but having said that the Indians should have the right to be left in peace on their own lands

  2. you know ive seen all these people from other places that are on the news that get sick from other places and are immediatly put on the news lol like the kid that had fanconi’s anemia in saskatchwan, my son had fa when he was 8 and hes from poplar river fa is a very rare bone marrow disorder and then he went for a bone marrow transplant , we had to uproot from the reserve we came from cuz he was very sick we lived in the city for about 3 years, then his condition got so bad he had to get a lung transplant to save his life, and yet again there was another child that is not native that was on the news cuz they had to get a lung transplant ,but my son was transferred to Toronto sick kids and got his double lung transplant and he only waited a week which we are greatful for and were we on the news no and now hes sick with lymphoma in the hospital and is in pain everyday , just wanted you to know that my son woulda been a good story for aptn about a boy who has been through a tough battle

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