Supporters of 1492 Land Back Lane show up at Toronto court hearing

The rain didn’t stop a crowd of nearly 200 people from standing in solidarity with Six Nations of the Grand River land defenders where a hearing was taking place at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The hearing has to do with removing the land defenders from occupying land that was scheduled to be developed for housing.

Members of Six Nations of the Grand River and allies occupied the MacKenzie Meadows development site near Caledonia, west of Hamilton, and claimed it as unceded Haudenosaunee territory in July 2020 and called it 1492 Land Back Lane.

Developers and the county requested an injunction to remove barricades and end the occupation.

1492 Land Back Lane spokesperson Skyler Williams is the only person named in the injunction.

Williams is appealing the injunction decision because it failed to consider his evidence.

“So today at the appeal we are challenging the decision to bar me from participating in my own defence, the decision to strike every bit of evidence that our community had gathered and put together so that the court could hear the other side of the story,” he said.

A panel of three judges heard the appeal and a decision will be shared at a later date.

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