Student facing racism in Edmonton

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31 thoughts on “Student facing racism in Edmonton

  1. My eldest daughter doesn’t look Metis or 1st Nations, and she was with family traveling into BC 3 years ago…
    They stopped for lunch and were refused service by the waitress at Denny’s. Yes DENNY’S !
    The waitress was making racist remarks along with the other patrons, and she refused to come to the table. So our family had to leave and find service elsewhere.
    It was the first time my daughter witnessed and felt such discrimination because of being Aboriginal. She was shocked, and felt anger that because she’s pale, she doesn’t experience this while people she loves, do.
    She got to see what her “other mother” and husband experience so often that they have learned to just get up and leave. No sense in engaging banter with racists who are looking for a confrontation…
    This is a silent epidemic in our country. One few talk about, but many Aboriginal People experience.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, be strong, and try to continue your studies here in Edmonton….just be brave…you’re an inspiration to others….hang in there…all the best to you….:)

  3. Kyra, keep your head held high. You are an awesome role model and you’re so right; all we can do is pray for them. I’m sorry you’ve been intimidated and harassed. No one deserves this kind of treatment. You’ll be in my prayers today.

  4. Go out and smile those people are worthless and being scared only makes them feel better. Live life like you want to and to the fullest and keep on smiling! Be fearless my friend, you are already 100 times better then they ever will be. Karma will bite them in the ass

  5. What they say says a lot about themselves,NOT you.Hold your head high and be proud of yourself.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story Kyra. I am so sorry that you are being subjected to such ignorance. Please know that it isn’t how the whole population is and that you are a beautiful individual that deserves to live in harmony with the rest of the community. Pease continue to stand proud and be strong as you should be so proud of yourself for trying to educate and grow yourself. The people picking on you are very ignorant in the simplest form of the word.

  7. You did the very best thing sharing your story! Bullies seem to thrive like mold in their darkness, when their darkness is revealed because they are lying cowards) they lose their power of fear mongering. You are beautiful, and you have goals and life opens to you. Thank you for sharing so we are aware of the work for change we all still need to do. May you always have the support of good friends, peace and joy in your everyday. Love and much respect for.

  8. I’ve lived pretty much all my life in Edmonton. Dealt with racism fairly much all my life. Simply saying ignorant it, it’s the other person’s ignorance and bad is simply not enough. The continual head shakes, sneers, comments and underlying societal practices of racism in our lives does have an effect on us no matter how much we try to ignore or “get over it”. It’s not that simple. Racism causes trauma, trauma causes symptoms which inhibit our ability to interact with our communities in a healthy and loving manner… Which creates the environment for more racial discrimination. Where did it start? With colonial ideals and practices to over power another race and culture for their resources and lands. Where does it end? With colonial ideals and practices which are still in place today! And that means you… As well as the rest of us because I too was once assimilated into the western culture which is point of fact, a colonialist culture. It has been only in the last few years I have been struggling to reclaiming my humanity. Before that I was like anyone else… What a monetary economic system wanted me to be.

  9. I truly am proud of you for sharing your story. Racism is prevalent anywhere you go, just be proud that you are making a difference! Hiy Hiy! <3

  10. edmonton for the birds…fracking meatheads. check out the health food store for some good people.

  11. Don’t listen to those ignorant persons. Just be yourself and push forward. I’m sure you will reach your goal. They are brainwashed and afraid of our successes. Love and light! Welcome to Edmonton. Brenda John.

  12. Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable! She has more rights to this country than most! I am staggered by the ‘racist’ people in this world, yet they seem to forget where they came from and all that this wonderful place we call Canada has done for so many. I am proud to call Canada home, a place that offers so much to so many countries around the world, and at the same time, being away for years, coming back and feeling like an outsider in my own country!!

  13. Dont quit…keep going to school…you have every right to walk the streets…you have every right to grow and learn…you are so brave to speak out about the racism…ppl are mean and rude dont pay them attention they weren’t taught any better…you however were taught to hold your head up high be proud of your heritage respect even those that dont respect you…there are lots of good folks in the city to you just got to find them…GOD LUCK N GOD BLESS

  14. Unfortunately, as a Cree youth, I would not have survived in Edmonton. I went into a depression because of the racism. The principle of my junior high school tried daily to convince me that ‘indian’ children belonged in the Catholic Schools. Luckily Calgary was much more inclusive and accepting. When I graduated from University with a B A and B Ed, I applied for a job with the Edmonton School Board. I did get an interview, but didn’t get the job offer, even though I was a perfect match. Instead, I got hired by the Vancouver School Board to launch my teaching career.

  15. Hi Kyra. Thank you for posting your experience with racism in Edmonton. But, I think it’s got more to do with someone’s own negative feelings about themselves than you. Still it can be very hurtful. However, I have found that right-wing people in Alberta and Saskatchewan tend to be a bit more racist toward indigenous people than people from BC, or Ontario. Remember, it was Stephan Harper, the previous Conservative Prime Minister, who spoke about old-stock Canadians. I live in Vancouver and perhaps because it’s a much larger, more cosmopolitan city, we don’t have so much racism. We have newcomers from everywhere. Perhaps you should consider moving to Vancouver. Best of luck Kyra

    1. Martin I agree with the essence of your comments. Edmonton was home for many years, now it’s Vancouver. Vancouver is actually seven times smaller than Edmonton geographically and has a smaller population by about 300,000 people. I’m not referring to the greater Vancouver or Edmonton area. You are right though regarding the racism aspect.

  16. Although the racism hurts initially, you can develop a thick skin to ignore and forgive those ignorant people.
    I have experienced racism in Norman Wells, NWT during the Imperial Oil days, but now, having lived in Ontario and other parts of Canada, the experience has made me stronger and more resilient.

    Not all people are like that, I have some incredible good friends in the City… Stay strong

  17. Hi it’s auntie. You hold your head high and be proud. Granny would be so proud of you. We come from strong forgiving people. These poor souls that are treating you like this are lost in their own miserable live. Some live in so much pain that they take it out others . We have to prayer for them. I’m just call away

  18. I would like to encourage Kyra to continue her studies. Education is the key to overcoming most adversity. And I also hope she never ever takes racism personally. The people who promote racism will always find something to pick on. Color, Religion, race,, etc…..Racism speaks about the character of the person who is racist. It never speaks about the victim. And almost always racism is about fear so it tries to promote fear by being a bully to justify its own fears. (Misery loves company) Once we all see and acknowledge what racism really is it loses it power. There are a lot of good people out there. Focus on them! I for one think you are an amazing brave young woman.

  19. Then we have the racist bigots who are always telling our young people to get off the rez and get an education using colourful racist epithets in the process. …and when our young people do, this is what they have to face.

    1. The NWT really doesn’t have much in the way of reservations. We have communities.
      BUT, this is what happens, always has, in the south. The North is nice because the racism that exists in southern Canada really doesn’t exist.

  20. Hang in there kyra, there are some good people here, it does help to be aware of your surroundings especially when you are native because of the racism. Be proud of your self and never give up on your dreams. You are an amazing young lady. Those people are not good people, if they have that much hate in there hearts it’s best to not associate with them, not everyone shares their views remember that. I am on Facebook too if you ever need a friendly shoulder.

  21. Edmonton is full of hatred towards any other than white. You could be the nicest,educated and hold a job kinda person but still be stereo typed. Get that education girl! More than ever, a native beating the stereo types is important.

  22. Kyra’s story is so sad and unfortunate. I give her and her family praise and love for guiding her towards standing her ground and cont8nuing on her educational journey. Yes, I pray for those ignorant creatures out there.

  23. Kyra, if you would like to meet some good people, I would like to invite you to our church. It’s called Church in the Vine. The address is: 12345-149 St. We meet at 10:00 Sunday mornings. We have a mixed race congregation. If you are afraid of going alone, I could meet you. I am a Metis woman although I look white. You can email me.

  24. This is terrible!! Be glad you’re not them Kyra. May you do well in your studies and get a good support network! Praying for you safety.

  25. I am proud of this young lady for both speaking out, and for her goal of graduating. She is a beautiful young lady and I hope she doesn’t let go of her dreams, because someone else is so dissatisfied with their life they have to lash out to others. Rest assured not everyone has those views! Keep you chin up, hold your head high and go for your dreams!

  26. Please do not take these comments from keyboard warriors to heart. These comments say more about the miserable disgusting person they are and not about who you are! Hold your head high, a proud motivated and educated woman…. we are more than our skin color.

    1. It’s true – Racism has never died or been eliminated in Canada for First Nations\Aboriginal Peoples. I would like to know why in Alberta they do not permit First Nations\Aboriginal Languages to be part of the School System (even though it’s proven that we are the First Peoples of this Country) – BUT the Alberta Government just announced that they will be teaching Arabic in the Albertan Public School System ? Just one of the things that make you go “Hmmm?”

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