Social media turns on AFN for signing MOU with Canada

Todd Lamirande
APTN National News
The Crown and the Assembly of First Nations held its first permanent high level meeting Monday.

During a photo op of the meeting, the prime minister and national chief of the Assembly of First Nations signed a memorandum of understanding.

It spelled out a list of shared priorities they agreed to work on.

The reaction to the signing on social media was swift and largely negative.

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23 thoughts on “Social media turns on AFN for signing MOU with Canada

  1. Bellegarde and every other elected chief disrespect the sacredness of head dresses and the title of hereditary chieftainship simply as they exist solely because of thebIndian Act., they support and allow this race based Act to continue and his latest attention seeking actions of kissing the illegal invader state of Canada shows he is nothing more than a puppet, today’s version of Indian agent acting in Canada’s behalf., he knows little about the treaties full and true intent as his ego is his priority., AFN is and has been a joke since Mercredi, Atleo and fontaine tainted our inherent rights with their incompetence and arrogance., good riddance pipeline Perry, we know when the next sellout is voted in by the Indian acts self serving fake chiefs you will be milking some white mans industry as their token half breed, make room for Nepinak, a Metis with a status card

  2. This Man needs to understand the true meaning of the headdress, where it came from and also what it takes to wear one… he has not met the requirements to have one.. So Take it off!! Respect the Dakota !!!

  3. Same ol! No consultation with grass roots. We don’t have a vote and continue to be faced with deeply entrenched issues of which have fatal outcomes for many. Keep giving money to those getting fat off of these ongoing issues. Good move Trudeau

  4. We continue to blame the colonialists for their divide and conquer strategy while we repeatedly self-destruct over deciding amongst ourselves, what the important issues are or are not. Until we understand the necessity of unity, until we stop eating our young and our own leaders, WE will continue to lead the way in ineffectiveness… of having no voice and no direction. The blame game is completely destructive and produces no desired outcomes.

  5. I want our people to rise above the ‘colonized shackles’ that they don’t realize they are under! Photo ops with likes of Trudeau does not demonstrate advancement – give me photo ops of our FN communities finally getting clean water, getting good housing!

    1. For the housing issue it would be the CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) that needs to be addressed. They’re the governing body over on – rez housing. The govt placed them in charge as a third party. That way, if a rez goes into third party management, the govt controls the housing by default. But then, what do I know?

  6. This man needs to #RemoveTheHeaddress until he actually starts working for #Indigenous people on #Education #Health #Housing #Suicides #Water #Poverty and the list is endless. We do not need any more photo ops. We need #ActionNow

  7. The AFN has a hidden agenda doesnt it, pipeline Perry!

    This is not a solution. Meeting with the government 3 times per year for what mutually shared priorities? I want to see this list of shared priorities so I can determine who they really benefit!

  8. Evryone knows perry, why keep voting for old politicians ,they are directly part of the problem..!!,

  9. Why do the nations continue to move forward with the colonial gov`t when they have not honored one obligation. Enough MOU and Understanding and more action on the commitment. Stop the Madness!!

    1. Are you alive? Do you have a house? Can you go to school? Can you vote? Do you have ceremonies and pow wows? Do you have access to health care? Do you starve when you don’t work or hunt? If you answered yes to any of these then the government has honored there obligation

      1. Buck , obviously you do not live under false agendas, oppression and probably never starved , etc .. those opportunities you had, most don’t .. our freedoms were lost , same with lands just so your silly opinions can be repeated in Canada.. This land is First Nations lands! Do not forget! Settlers have way to much freedom here!

  10. This guy came to our community bout one year ago. I had a dream the nite before I was to meet him and he came to me in a dream. I love and honour my dreams. In this dream this man represented as one, but was actually not to be trusted. I told him I had a dream of him and he instantly dismissed me, actually looked the other way instead of what it was about. He knew already.

  11. They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it. Red Cloud

  12. This is right up Perry’s Alley, selling our rights for a back door deals. We loving call him PST Perry Not surprised at all!

    1. That’s not the ONLY name we call him! LOL! He’s always been “Pipeline Perry” for me!

  13. More grandstanding, less action is the name of the day. It’s been over 500 days since the government was ordered by the Supreme Court to fund native children with equity to Canadian children. Trudeau continues to support projects that threaten indigenous people’s health, sacred sites, and culture – the culture of living sustain ably.

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