Sixties Scoop organization aims to bring adoptees home

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4 thoughts on “Sixties Scoop organization aims to bring adoptees home

  1. I am a BC 60’s scoop survivor, my children have suffered, I have suffered, my children’s children will suffer.

  2. I am but one individual… one voice… one spirit… who was removed from my native family in 1966 and grew up in a foreign land, amongst people I never came to know where I was abused sexually, physically and emotionally.

    At 16 I ran away and spent two years living on the streets, working odd jobs until I could manage to get something steady (dishwasher) where I lived in a small room in an apartment.

    Later I was able to go to night school and obtain my high school diploma which eventually allowed me to go to university where I balanced my schedule so I could work full time and attend school full time. Too busy to make friends at school I remember once someone asking me to go out after class for a beer. When I explained my situation they remarked that it was unimaginable to them what I was doing and asked “why I didn’t have any help and who were my family?” My answer, that “I had no family and I was alone” shocked them.

    Not knowing the system and too young to understand what had happened to me I just got on with life. I never took assistance of any kind from the government and have always done what I can to give back to others; e.g. volunteering in senior residences, hospices, community centres.

    Early this year I became aware of the Sixties Scoop in the news and realized this meant me. And so today alone I cry many tears for all that I lost.. a mother, a home, my life.

  3. The sixties scoop.Is such a very painful ,confusing time. Emotions run high. For myself, it runs deep within, who am I really, been conditioned to be white, the seeds were planted as a child. It is very emotional time. And these seeds spilled over to my.children. Lost souls, that are not aware of the damage it has done. Does my daughter and son, know who they really are, do they know my true family and relatives, would they except the reality. So many emotions. It is like you want to run far away from the reality you Have been searching for , because you are so accustom to that feeling of running or searching. One cannot explain.all the emotions attached to this. One phrase sums it up. LOST SOUL

  4. Sad and very tragic. How our people suffered throughout the years. All my aunties and uncles have been through this. The 60’s Scoop is no secret. It has happened, its the damage is done. Now we need to learn how to help our people. Physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse was all to common for these individual’s who have experienced this horrendous experience. Compensation is needed as well as counseling and reconciliation!!

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