Six Nations people remove remaining blockade, open Caledonia roads

1492 Land Back Lane prepares for injunction hearing Tuesday

Roads and highways opened up Saturday afternoon in Caledonia, Ont. after being blockaded for over two weeks, and the occupation of the 1492 Land Back Lane camp on McKenzie Meadows by Haudenosaunee and their supporters continues.

After cars and tires were removed from the town’s main thoroughfare on Friday, community members said Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) issued an ultimatum to remove what remained.

The road blocks were put up by Six Nations of the Grand River community members in response to armed enforcement of an injunction against land defenders on Aug. 7.

Now that the blockades are down, land defenders want police to respect the internal decision-making processes of Haudenosaunee. These went on well into the evening on Friday.

Kahehti:io, a Turtle Clan Mohawk woman witnessed the talks.

“I’ve always been reminded by the elders that the foundation of Haudenosaunee is peace, and so I’m happy this is happening tonight,” she said.

But not everyone was convinced police could be trusted.

By morning, some cement blocks and the smashed up trailer remained.

The OPP did not confirm an ultimatum was given, but said plain-clothes liaison officers have been talking to community members.

By afternoon, the blockades were cleared and traffic opened up.

For some, this makes those who’ve reclaimed the McKenzie Meadows construction site vulnerable to police.

The injunctions will be in front of the court in Brantford, Ont. tomorrow, while another community meeting is slated for Monday evening.

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