Signs marking Treaty 4 and 6 territories go up in Saskatchewan

Treaty signs

Territory signs are ready to go up along Hwy 11 in Saskatchewan. Photo courtesy: Office of the Treaty Commission.

An official Saskatchewan road sign has been installed to mark the Treaty 4 and 6 boundaries near Hwy 11, south of Saskatoon.

The first sign is located about 100 km south of Saskatoon, near the town of Bladworth.

Drivers travelling north will see the Treaty 6 sign while motorists travelling south will see the Treaty 4 sign.

According to the province, this section of Highway 11 sees more than 5,000 vehicles daily.

“It is common sense to acknowledge the treaty boundaries by the province and by the federal government,” Treaty Commissioner Mary Culbertson said. “It is going to spark dialogue and lead to policy changes. It is education. There are Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 (across Saskatchewan).

“These Treaties were here before this province was created – before these roads were here.”

The signs were supposed to be in place earlier this year but were held up by provincial signage standards which conflicted with the Indigenous language used.

The signs now feature the image of a Treaty medal, like those provided to First Nations leaders following the close of the Treaty negotiations.

They also show the wording used in the original Treaties: “As long as the sun shines, grass grows and rivers flow.”

The signs also say “welcome” in various languages spoken in each treaty area.

More signs are expected to be installed on major Saskatchewan roadways that cross treaty boundaries in the coming years.

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