Should an Indigenous MP be the next Aboriginal Affairs minister?

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By all accounts Indigenous people turned out to the polls in numbers never seen before.

There was also a number of Indigenous candidates elected, including eight who will be part of the incoming Liberal government.

Is it time for an Indigenous MP to be the new Aboriginal Affairs minister?

APTN’s Dennis Ward has the story.


Host, Producer / Winnipeg

Dennis is Metis from southern Manitoba. After spending a decade working in TV in Alberta and Ontario, Dennis returned to Manitoba to join APTN’s Winnipeg bureau as reporter/correspondent in September 2014. In 2016, he won a Canadian Association of Journalists award for his story A Soldier Scorned for APTN Investigates. In 2017, he became a host/producer for APTN National News and Face to Face. In 2020, Dennis and co host Melissa Ridgen were nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best News Anchor, National.

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  1. An Indigenous woman … already the First Nations political power structures are not practicng #genderparity so I’d like to see him give it to a woman, and I’m going to hold him accountable to make his cabinet 50/50 #cdnpoli

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