Shacks, bullying and unemployment: Why isn’t #Article23 working for Nunavummiut?

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1 thought on “Shacks, bullying and unemployment: Why isn’t #Article23 working for Nunavummiut?

  1. I have a good one you can investigate here in Gjoa Haven, where a white man took advantage a community development corp, (Gjoa Haven Development Corporation) which was owned by all the members of Gjoa Haven as long as they were at the age of 19. There was a issue with couple board members and the manager and they ended up accusing the manager of theft, and they fired the manager and they eventually hired another guy and this man use to be the community development officer but was never re-hired, anyhow he was hired to fix the GHDC issues that came about when they fired the manager! Anyhow the last manager somehow convince the board to go belly up and that was it! At the time GHDC owed a B&B and at least 6 units! Today GHDC is gone, and the former manger some how ended up being the owner! He used several people as partners and him and his so called partner were on the Hamlet council at the same time so they had something to do with the dissolving of GHDC! They was never any meeting by the share holders! This man had nothing when he came back! He had also been exploiting Inuit without approval, check out . He is the only one with signing authority for the company he uses! This man is a crook! I have heard some white guy who worked for him say he started with a wheel barrel and a shovel! They also ripped off a widow by using the dump truck and not paying for it! Long story short! They are people who you can interview to investigate what white are doing in out homeland! There are measure set up to protect us but they still happening! If it weren’t that dump truck and the B&B he would have not got to where he is now! This whole thing has to be investigated! There is another twist to it with CRA! How can a none Inuk do what he did in Gjoa Haven and get away with it? Hope someone can open this case right open, because it will hurt us more in the long run! It should have been the GHDC running the business owned by Inuit and not owned by a white man who is using Inuit and those poor Inuit don’t know any better! If a Inuk had done this, they would have been charged for fraud and theft! This is BS!

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