Senate report calls for pipelines, but better consultation with Indigenous people

“It is crystal clear that we need more pipelines in Canada.”

Annette Francis
APTN National News
As pipeline talks continue across the country, a Senate committee released a timely report Wednesday.

And it calls for more pipelines.

“To us, and many Canadians, it is crystal clear that we need more pipelines in Canada,” said Sen. Michael MacDonald.

But that means overhauling the National Energy Board.

“The board has an overly narrow mandate that make it impossible to take into account the very relevant and important concerns raised by the people representing the environment and Indigenous interests,” he said. “As well, board recommendations can be ignored by the federal government.”

MacDonald said it’s the federal government’s duty to consult with Indigenous people, which he believes is beyond the board’s mandate.

“We recommend that the results of the federal consultation be fed into the boards process, so that it can take the fruit of these consultations into account when coming to a decision,” he said. “In the end, we believe that a strong Indigenous presence on the board is necessary. We recommend the government appoint a permanent Indigenous person on the board and that this person be chosen in consultation with Indigenous communities.”

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