Saskatoon jail reacts to prisoner with COVID-19 claim

Update: The province of British Columbia has concluded the person who had an interaction with an inmate now in a Saskatoon jail does not have COVID-19.

The Saskatoon Correctional Centre enacted its infection protocol after an offender claimed to have previously come into contact with someone in Alberta or British Columbia with COVID-19.

“Alberta and British Columbia have confirmed that they have not identified the individual identified by the offender as being infected with Covid-19,” said Jennifer Graham, senior communications consultant for the justice department in Saskatchewan.

This quarantine is a precautionary measure.

“Until we have completely ruled out any potential contact between this individual and Covid-19, we are undertaking precautionary infection control measures in our provincial correctional facilities as necessary.”

The offender and the other offenders he was in contact with have been placed in quarantine while they gather more information.

Some staff are self-isolated as well as a precautionary measure.

They will have ongoing communication with public health services and restrict movement and placement of offenders within the facility.

Arrangements with court services regarding any disruptions and ongoing measures to reduce the risk of potential infection through video court appearances or postponing court until the quarantine is over.

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  1. I am in contact with an inmate in regina correctional daily. They have not put any personal protective in place at all for any of the offenders. They aren’t even provided with hand sanitize only soap. There is no distancing betwmates at all, on his unit alone there are 28 individuals and only 20 cells. Inmates are forced to share showers and eating areas.

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