Saskatchewan RCMP investigating arrests by officer after videos surface online

“These arrests will be reviewed in their entirety.”

The Canadian Press
An RCMP officer in a northern Saskatchewan community has been relocated while police investigate three of his arrests over the weekend.

Mounties say the officer was responding to calls involving weapons early Sunday morning in Pelican Narrows.

They say two videos of two of the arrests were posted online and show the officer drawing a firearm and using profane language.

One of the suspects is underage and cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

A machete was seized during the youth’s arrest.

Short videos

The RCMP says the videos are short and only capture a few seconds of the exchanges between the officer and those arrested.

“The different aspects of these incidents are being reviewed as part of the RCMP supervisory process, including situational factors, police tactics used and the actions taken by the officer,” the RCMP said in a news release Tuesday.

“These incidents will be reviewed in their entirety, including the moments before and after what is shown in the videos.”

The RCMP says the officer has been temporarily relocated outside of the community and reassigned to non-frontline work, pending the outcome of the investigation into his conduct.

Police are asking anyone with footage of the arrests to contact any RCMP detachment

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