Saskatchewan Indigenous leader concerned about fatal shooting of man by RCMP

The head of an organization representing Saskatchewan First Nations is expressing concern following the fatal shooting of an Indigenous man by RCMP.

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4 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Indigenous leader concerned about fatal shooting of man by RCMP

  1. Genocide, alive and well here in Canada. Being a woman of native decent this doesn’t surprise me one bit. It’s all part of the bigger problem, the continuous genocide that has seen no end. Systematic removal and incarceration of natives. Children being abused sexually physically and murdered in care. The blatant racism by by government bodies and officials on all levels.
    It’s time to hold all of them accountable.
    The police, the child care system, even government bodies, mayors offices, premieres and federal governments.
    This so called reconciliation is a smoke screen for nonnative communities to feel like something is being done when in actuality it has gotten worse. Racist remarks from premieres the refusal of Carolyn Bennet’s removal, the list is endless.

    1. The people that should be held accountable are the people doing the crime. Time for people to.take responsibility for there choices. This guy was driving around North Battleford shooting a gun, then shooting at police and ramming their vehicle. No racism involved the sane would have happenned if it was a Spanish, Asian, white people. Give your head a shake. Why dont you join the RCMP and deal with these thugs??? He was a known gang nember. Tired of the racism card used all the time. Stop blaming other people for there bad choices.

      1. Did you know it is against international law to remove an indigenous person or people from their property in which all of Canada is indeed Indigenous property yet everyday this violation takes place against Indigenous people.

  2. I just don’t see the rationale behind any reason for deadly use of a weapon,to shoot and kill because of a vehicle,that just shows there reasoning materials over life. So foreign over cultural values. So sad for the family

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