Saskatchewan couple doesn’t let pandemic or trip to the hospital stop wedding

A couple in Prince Alberta, Sask., didn’t let a global pandemic stop them from getting married.

In fact, they overcame quite a few hurdles, including a trip to the hospital, to become Mr. And Mrs. Gray.

“We were doing a lot of planning and we were getting excited and every thing people were going to buy their tickets and what not it was heartbreaking that we planned for our big day and it wasn’t going to happen,” said Tara Gray who is Metis from Prince Albert, Sask.

Michael and Tara were set to get married on July 25 but moved the big day up to May 20.

“We were thinking what’s going to happen we don’t know what’s going to happen let’s just do this now,” said Michael.

Turns out getting married during a pandemic would take a lot of work.

Even getting the go ahead to hold a social distance wedding turned out to be complicated.

“Because we never know what’s going to happen it’s so amazing because when we tried to get out license we could not get a license because every where was closed,” Michael said. “And their was only this one guy in Saskatoon he only had one left.”

Michael’s family lives all over the world and since they couldn’t fly to Saskatchewan, watch the ceremony online.

Family and friends that could make it in person found ways to celebrate the big day while staying safe.

“We had ten people at all times in the church and we just told everybody to deck your vehicles up and after we got out of our ceremony that everyone would go on a parade all around the city to make our way up to the casino,” said Tara.

According to the couple, it was a beautiful wedding made possible by family, friends and the community.

“We were told at one time there was 245 people we had a wedding group on Facebook a watch party,” said Tara “And that’s where we were holding it then other people were going live on their Facebook,” said Tara.

Tara’s wedding day included a trip to the hospital – which also looked like a festive occasion. Submitted photo.

But the adventure wasn’t over yet.

After the ceremony and car parade, Tara fell and had to be taken to the emergency room in her wedding dress.

“We were going to take off after our pictures she was just moving a chair not even two steps and she hit the chair on the step and I was standing there and she just went flying,” Michael said. “I was like OMG, yes it happened so fast I was like you know what we’ve got to get you to the hospital.”

They spend their wedding night in the ER – luckily, the bride didn’t break her foot – but it’s still swollen and sprained.

Once Mr. and Mrs. Gray can travel again, they plan to take their honeymoon.

“Totally Jamaica,” said Tara“I am so ready to go back to Jamaica,” yes Jamaica in a heartbeat yep.” added Michael

Reporter / Saskatoon

Priscilla is Cree and a member of Mistawasis Nehiyawak in Saskatchewan. She has worked with APTN National News in the past as a reporter in Winnipeg, host for an entertainment segment, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. Wolf is an alumni of the INCA –Indian Communications Arts Program at FNUC & has a BA of Indigenous Studies from the University of Regina. She brings over ten years of experience working in media across the prairie provinces.