Santa and his carolers send Trudeau a holiday message about Muskrat Falls

“A lot of changes that have to be fought, so the struggle continues.”

Annette Francis
APTN National News
These weren’t your typical Christmas carolers.

But they certainly were in the spirit – of supporting the land protectors against the Muskrat Falls hydro damn on the Lower Churchill River in Labrador.

“It’s a disaster and why is the Trudeau government paying $3 billion more into this disaster with a loan guarantee,” said Matthew Behrens.

That’s why the small group was outside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office in Ottawa to deliver a message with a little help from Santa Claus.

“We have some important documents for the prime minister that deal with how dangerous the Muskrat Falls project is and we want that Muskrat Falls project to be shut down,” said Behrens dressed as Santa.

In October, the land protectors effectively stalled the hydro project and forced leaders to the table.

An agreement was reached and the government would see further assessments, as well as form a committee to look at ways to reduce methylmercy contamination.

“It was just a partial victory. There’s a lot of changes that have to be fought, so the struggle continues,” said Trycia Bazinet.