Samson Cree Nation votes to exile gang members

APTN National News
Members of Samson Cree Nation are voting on whether or not chief and council should have the ability to exile gang members from the community.

Samson is one of four First Nation communities in and around the town of Hobbema, Alberta. Hobbema has been wracked with violence in recent years, including the 2011 homicide of 5-year-old Ethan Yellowbird, killed in a drive-by shooting while he slept.

APTN National News reporter Keith Laboucan was at the referendum, and has the details.

UPDATE: The bylaw has passed, with a vote of 479 to 370. Aboriginal Affairs will need to approve the bylaw before it can take effect.

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3 thoughts on “Samson Cree Nation votes to exile gang members

  1. Should they wait till the Federal Government approves this?u00a0 It’s taken 131 years for decisions to be made…..u00a0 I would suggest they take action with their native police and just put all known criminals in rehab.u00a0 Also, all people are getting the same access to education as any hamlet or village in the province.

  2. This is interesting..from what I’ve read in our history books when a member of a tribe would cause trouble or problems the tribe would banish the person from the community.

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